Monday, 18 November 2013

Loi Krathong Festival

I completely forgot about the festival.
Boyf told me like 1 week back.
Ok fine, he told me about an hour before we were heading out again,
but I didnt pay much attention to it,
I totally disregarded the fact that it was outdoor,
and its raining season.

Yep, done explaining why I'm overdressed.

Spend some time in Pavillion to checkout the Christmas decors.
& yeap, I think the Boyf has a mission to checkout each and every set of decors in KL. 
I gotta admit though, I really love the snowing theme this year.
If only it was actually cold. IF only. 

Haha who am I kidding, trying to take serious pictures. LOL

& what happens when we go out?

TGIF again. Boyf can never have too many burgers.
*rolls eyes

Here's my slab of meat. and veggies.
Im a true omnomnomnivore.
No Carbs! Just the way I love it.

But TBH, the steak in TGIF has no taste,
average grade meat.

& heres his burger, complete with crispy bacon.

My very "appropriately" dressed mat rempit boyfriend

We headed to the festival right after dinner.
Boyf was so excited. 

So here's a lil intro about the Loi Krathong Festival.

"Loi" means "to float" and "Krathong", to what I read,
is basically the name for the floating flower boat they release into the water. 
The festival lets people make wishes and also in a way "send off" bad karma and such.

Im really no good with all these celebration and religious festivals.
But what I know for sure is I love shimmery lights. HAHA

So enjoy the rest of the photographs!

There's an abundance of detailed information on the web about this festival,
so if you're curious, just google up 'Loi Krathong' yah! 

Cheers to me for being a lazyass of a blogger. LOL

Arent these gorgeous?
I mean the floating flowery boats.

The one above is my Boyf's.
I think it costs about RM30 to RM50 for that.

Everyone was so busy writing their family member's names on the lil flag.
& I was like
"Vickie Lee & her family <3 "

I know, #swag all the way.

Oh yes Im surrounded by wishes. 

& thats all for this post.

PS: Never never wear flats to outdoor parks.
Unless u love the feeling of mushy muddy water in your flats.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sky-ryyy Halloween Bus

What did you do for halloween this year??

I have always been crazy about halloween,
I LOVE dressing up!
especially when I can legitimately walk out the street wearing crazy clothes and makeup.
What better celebration is there??

Sadly here in Malaysia, there really aren't much celebrations.
This year my awesome boyfriend & his friends invited me to join this really interesting event.

I swear its the cutest halloween bus Ive seen in my life!!
Omgggg I hate those spiders. 

Lots of drink coupons to make sure u become unhumanly drunk.
seriously, I didn't even finish my coupons. 
I passed out. 

In loving memory of my bb gun,
which got destroyed in the midst of some mad psychotic party animals.

U people, are horrible horrible horrible! 
But then again I barely remember how it happened. 

My fav photo really. Thankyou so much for capturing the memories Jillian! :) 

And I shall let the video speak for itself! :)

Cant wait for the next halloween!