Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sky-ryyy Halloween Bus

What did you do for halloween this year??

I have always been crazy about halloween,
I LOVE dressing up!
especially when I can legitimately walk out the street wearing crazy clothes and makeup.
What better celebration is there??

Sadly here in Malaysia, there really aren't much celebrations.
This year my awesome boyfriend & his friends invited me to join this really interesting event.

I swear its the cutest halloween bus Ive seen in my life!!
Omgggg I hate those spiders. 

Lots of drink coupons to make sure u become unhumanly drunk.
seriously, I didn't even finish my coupons. 
I passed out. 

In loving memory of my bb gun,
which got destroyed in the midst of some mad psychotic party animals.

U people, are horrible horrible horrible! 
But then again I barely remember how it happened. 

My fav photo really. Thankyou so much for capturing the memories Jillian! :) 

And I shall let the video speak for itself! :)

Cant wait for the next halloween!

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