Tuesday, 31 December 2013

10 things that made up my 2013.

2013 is coming to an end,
& Im hardly ready for whats ahead.

Heres the things that made up my 2013.


I went to so many trips this year.
I learnt to take care of myself like no other.
I also learnt budgeting.

I stayed from the most luxurious hotels in Japan to downright dodgy ones in Sabah.
I ate the most expensive abalones, down to the cheapest fish I ever had. 

I would've never gotten to buy any of these experiences ever.

I still remember starting the year in the most awesome way I ever had.
I was in Japan, Hokkaido.
Spending 5 days in a postcard kind of place.
I was never more amazed. 

But my year has then started off into the biggest roller coaster ride ever.
I had so much ups and downs, contemplating moments where I wonder which way I should take. 


My year spun off to its first biggest change.
Saying goodbye to my 4 year travel companion
& welcoming a new one.

I was thankful, but also heartbroken.


I acted quite a bit :D 

Part one, 

This must've been one of the most fulfilling thing of my university life.
I got the opportunity to participate in a program event.
This was amazing because I got to know so many of my Juniors that I would've probably never gotten to know in my life. 

My 4 episode short series filmed with pure hard student work.
It was the most difficult and hilarious experience ever.

IF you haven't watched it before.
Here's all of it

ya I looked pretty bad didn't I. 
But its okay,
I've moved past that.

Part two,
I acted in 3 videos for my friends


I've never drank as much as I did this year.
Probably because I was in pretty much pain as well. 
I had been scarred pretty bad at the end of 2012. & I was still recovering.
I was changing, my life was changing.

The fourth thing I'd say was significant in 2013 was the last class trip I had with my crazy weird classmates.
Was a life changing trip. Small, but significant. 


My niece and nephew.

Both my elder brother and sister expanded their families this year.
I now have a lil baby girl and boy that calls me Aunt. 


Raves. & EDM
I had a year full of firsts.
I never raved til this year.
I always loved EDM & crazy electronic drops.

But I never got to love it this way. 


I never worked that much in my lifetime.
Especially independently.
I learnt to earn and spend my own.
It was the most satisfying and enlightening experiences ever.

LOL look at me. OH gad.


I cant describe how thankful I am to have gained so much more friends this year than I ever had.
Met some new people, 
brought relationships closer

and regained some lost friends.

Nothing feels better than this. 
I love them more than ever. 


I finally got to achieve another of my biggest wishes.
My tattoos.

I have two this year.
& I cant wait for the many more to come.



last but not least,
This year meant the world to me because I finally found someone that loves me

guides me, but never ever, stops me from being who I am.
He brings out the best of me,

& encourages me.
He takes care of me,

but does not make me dependant.
I love him more and more each day.

& I am grateful for all that he has brought to my life this year.

Thankyou for bringing the meaning into my life.
Thankyou for showing me what this life could bring.
Thankyou for being a blessing in disguise. 

My angel, my hope, my every breath & every heartbeat.

And last but not least,

HAPPY 2014 people.

My only resolution is to keep discovering life and enjoying every moment to the fullest.


6 hours to go! 

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Pre-New Years Mini Makeovers.

Okay, Its been really quiet since Christmas,
I think everyone's just resting up and waiting for new year..
Or working their last jobs off.

I, on the other hand, have a week of holidays to recompose myself.
Thank heavens for that.

Anyhow, earlier this month, 
a really sweet friend passed these vouchers to me.
I now have an excuse to get some finger pampering.

& I like that theres an occasion to it.
Imma get some new years nails.

I made an appointment the day before, but had to rush off to celebrate lil bro's birthday.
So I woke up this noon, and headed over to Scott's Garden.
Miss Cherish was so nice and patient with my re-arranging of appointments.

The pretty stairway up to the parlor. :) 

Crazy selection of colors they have!!
I am truly amazed. The interior is super comfortable and lush too :) 

As a designer myself, I absolutely love that everything is perfectly color coordinated here.
Gives me a confidence that the owner here has really good taste.
We are designing nails anyways! 

& what better reassurance than knowing she has even chosen a really sexy looking UV Nail lamp. The satisfaction of my OCD is so comforting.
I feel totally at ease and happy. 

ALSO, the artist here has amazing taste for nail art.
I've been to a fair bit of nail parlors in the past, 
& more often than not, I dislike 90% of their nail art examples.
But here,
I was spoilt for choices cos everything looks amazing.
I honestly never spent so much on my nails before
& after that still feel happy and decided its worth it. 

This is the first.
I mixed and matched the designs from her album,
& we came up with this coordinate.


& shes so observant and sweet she even can tell that I prefer a more edgy look 
rather than sweet girly designs.

this is so totally gonna be my fav nail place from now on.

I am secretly just hoping the new years eve countdown would be awesome & memorable.

Okay moving to the second part of my post!

Prior to the nails, I am also getting a new haircolor.

I've had my ugly washed out browns for the entire year now 
because I insisted on giving my hair a rest.
I've never had black hair for almost 4 years since high school.

I am so excited when I found this on the shelves of the local drugstore. 
I've always been a fan of Liese bubble hair dyes when it comes to DIY.
& I've been opting to go to a saloon ever since my last disaster with a Revlon color. 

Anyhow, the prices for saloon hair color jobs has been increasing like mad
& since my last visit to Starhill for Hair Relaxing treatment,
I am so lazyyyy to go search for another groupon promo and make appointments...etc.

So yes, Im giving DIY dyes another try.
This is L'oreal's Excellence Fashion line.
The colors they have are pretty vibrant tones.
I think they've got almost 4 different reds.
But I loved this one.
My hair's really dark right now so Im opting for a lighter shade 
to make sure I get at least some color results. 

Please take my advice and dont be too worried about using a light color,
DIY box dyes arent as strong as the saloon ones.
& black hair is really hard to color. 

So here's a before picture.
I have epicly uneven blonde-ish highlights from opting to a cheap saloon in Ipoh.
Well at least its really really cheap... & my hair didn't get damaged. 

My ends are also a little ombre because I did a dark brown before..long ago. 

Super dark black roots. 

AAAND Im changing to an old school t-shirt so I can ruin it. 

Now lets check out the box contents. 

Nicely numbered bottles! :D I like.
Its really nice they actually provide
Pre-coloring serum, The dye mix, and After color conditioner.

Its like a complete workout supplement! 

The before after previews are super cheat la.
I don't believe the results for black hair will be exactly like the ones for brown. 
But lets see what happens. 

gloves fell out from the instruction manual. Hah. 

Dont need to put on the gloves yet,
Am gonna apply the pre coloring serum to protect my hair and ends.
Leaving out the roots cos the manual said put on damaged/dry areas.

I squeeze every bit out and loaded it all into my hair.
Not like I'm gonna use it after this also. 
Dont waste :) 

& proceed to mixing the dye.
Squeeze the #2 tube into #3 bottle from the end slowly so u get every bit of it out
and to avoid going back and forth the tube to squeeze the leftover out. 


I see the mixture's turning red. 

Cap on and shake shake shake

Violently break the tip off. 
Dont damage nails or cut finger.
Please use a scissors if you're not muscular like me.

& lets get.... no wait.
Put on the gloves.
U dont wanna turn into some red skinned monster.

So the mixture looks like strawberry cream. 
Am gonna get the roots first.

& if u dowana be silly like me starting from the top,
Please divide hair into smaller sections beginning from the bottom.
Use a clip thats easy to open/close cos your hands would be slippery from all the dye mix

Omg this little nozzle isnt working.

Im gonna try the comb nozzle instead.

Be warned, dont try this dyeing process at somewhere you may stain,
my mom might think I killed an animal or something.

& Remember to use some lotion around your skin near the hairline.
Or you'll turn red as well.
Like me. 

But, I wiped it off with a wet towel and its still pretty okay.
Doesn't stain that quick.

Oh also another tip,
Please don't seal yourself in a confined room because 
the chemical smell of the dye can get a little overwhelming. 

Leave a window open, and if possible, have some fan blowing in to ventilate.
I nearly ran out of breath for a bit when I took a whiff of the dye while coloring my hair ends. 

its really strong, but i wouldn't say it stinks?
Im not sure if this makes sense
but its really not smelly. 

Aaaand after a whole 15 minutes of struggling,
I am done.
I used up every bit of the dye,
& massaged it all over to make sure I cover every strand sufficiently. 

Leave it in for 20 - 30 minutes.
Get back to the washroom,
Wet your hands with gloves on,
and massage the hair to loosen up the dried dyed hair. 

& get to washing.
Rinse the dye off but dont use a shampoo yet.
after rinsing, use the provided bottle of aftercare conditioner.

Oh yes be warned,
its pretty difficult to wash out all the red dye.
& ur washroom would probably look horrifyingly scary.
Dont run around to grab your phone & take pictures like I did,
because ur gonna make a big fat slippery mess in red.

My hair looks very black after washing.

But no, not all hope is lost yet.
Leave hair to dry.
Or dry it with a dark colored towel just in case theres still red dye water left.
My towel became pink.
Not a good idea. 

Anyways, I dried my hair up with the dryer,
Turns out I managed to get a dark red / maroon tone.
Its definitely much more defined in the highlighted strands of my hair.

Im sure girls with medium brown or so would get an amazing red from this dye.
I totally recommend it if you're planning to try DIY-ing.

If u have longer / thicker hair than mine,
Please get two bottles.
This was just right for my hair length with nth much left to spare.

Okay im totally loving this very last picture.
Hopefully the color stays for more than a week at least.

Will probably do an update in a week's time to 
show you all how the color becomes by then.

Til then, Happy last Saturday of the year 2013!!!


Cheers loves! <3