Sunday, 22 December 2013

3CE Lipgloss Mini Set 12s.

Okay, first of all, I'd like to mention that I did get
ONE message from a girl saying that this isn't original.
(with no substantial proof to be found)

SO, I don't care, 
for whatever it is, they're lip gloss, real or fake, 
I did not get any form of allergy or poisoning from it 
and my lips felt perfectly fine. 
In fact, they're really comfortable to wear. 
No stickiness at all 
(I hate it when lip gloss are sticky and my hair gets stuck when the wind blows) 

BTW, I got my set from a girlfriend's shop.
& she was absolutely sweet with her service.

Whoever said that girls will never get tired of #selfies,
They're wrong.
VERY wrong.
It took me 230 photos in total to get nice enough pictures for this post.
& I now have a slight headache from it.

So lets get started with this.
I haven't got the chance to try all the colors since I received this set,
I am so excited myself to see the difference in each tone. 


Here's an initial photograph to show you the 12 tones in order :)

& to show you a clearer picture / guide to each tone,
I'll be including a close up and also a full face shot.
(Yes, this post will be loaded with my face)

& here's the first bottle beginning from the Left side of the set.


I find this tone very flattering yet ordinary.
It looks like every other medium pink lip color I have.

Good if you're looking for a nice but not too eye catching color.



This is one of the paler pink tones,
Its close to a nude if u ask me,
Would go really well with a nice dramatic smokey eye makeup,
or if you're just going for a cooler icy look. 
I do think its pretty tough to pull off the pale shade.
Would definitely wash out the dull skin tones.


& this is the only red tone in the set.
Really sexy and sharp if u ask me,
but honestly I hardly use such a red tone,
even my darker colors are more towards a pink hue.
But Im really liking this color,
The best part is that its just in time for Christmas!
I'd probably pair this with a simple bold eyeliner
and definitely skimping on the blusher to balance out the redness. 


another pink in the set.
I've been eyeing on the abundance of pinks in this set wondering
"Why did they make so many pinks??"
But Im finding out,
They really are all different!
Definitely notice it more when I test it out one by one.

So this is the 4th in the set.
Very similar to the #1 tone, but much lighter
 looks super comforting,
or in other words, very pleasant,
Nothing that shouts for attention,
but definitely one of the sweetest tones 
good if you're going for something casual and adequate. 

See for yourself! :)


I'd say this is a much 'colder' pink tone.
Its close to a light fuchsia?

I like the uniqueness of this tone,
but somehow it sort of has that "wash out" effect on me as well.
Probably would work perfectly with the right makeup and outfit. 
Its a lil "neon" as well in my opinion,
A pretty bright tone.

I'd match this with a very korean street style outfit.
Monotone big tees & leggings + a snapback?


#6 is like a shade between #5 and the nude category. 
Much more subtle, totally wearable tone, 
It'll go well with moderate balanced our looks
probably something more to sweet or casual if u ask me. 


Oh this color is totally exciting,
It looks PURPLE from the bottle,
I was shivering with anticipation as I glided it onto my lips.
& turns out? The tone is absolutely gorgeous!
the purple gloss changed into a slightly pink-ish tone
I'd say its close to a Magenta.
(I so want this in a more pigmented matte version as well!) 

Makeup to match this?
I'd say be a little like Barbie,
Load up on mascara, put on blue contacts (optional) and
 tightline with a pencil liner (if you dont have thick lashes)
OR just add on light falsies.


This is another one of the Nude shades,
#8 would be a slightly stronger nude than #2
or in other ways of saying, 
this one is a little bit more colored than #2

I personally kinda like the look on this one,
but for me, I see myself only using this when I have a lot of eye makeup on.
The color is really pretty no doubt!


Oh here comes the corals!!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this shade.
The moment I put this on I couldn't stop taking photos.
This one fits me like it was custom made!

Okay Im getting overly excited.

This pretty much is a color that perfects my natural lip color to a coral shade.
Like the Coral shade of #1. 

This would be the perfect shade for a casual day out with friends,
Would probably work best with light to moderate makeup.
I'd say keep to neutral tones with this shade,
and compliment it with a coral blusher 


#10 is like #1 mixed with a lil of #3. 
Definitely into the Barbie doll vibe again with this one,
I like that its perfectly between the sweetness of a pink shade and the warmth of a red.

I'll let the picture below speak for the color itself.
Makeup recommendations, I would either go for a bold eyeliner, 
or do the Barbie eyelashes style I mentioned at #7.


This second Coral tone is the pigmented and non creamy nude version of #9

Its really juicy looking!!
I'd say its a Coral version of #10.

Very orangey tone,
It compliments my skintone very well.
This is the kind of Coral tone that works basically on any type of skintone,
I think cos its such a basic orangey color, it just cant go wrong.

Of course, such bold colors are only for the fashionable and chic babes :)

Make up would be earthy tones for the eyeshadow if you're going for sth more neutralised,
I think a bright blue liner would really pop and compliment the orange hue!
(maybe i'll try it and show you the results ? )
Oh! A brown eyeliner would definitely work really well with this lip color. 


Finally! The last one!
I am exhausted at this point I swear. Hahaha
But by the looks of my smile you can tell I am pretty happy with this one as well.

How do I describe so many pink hues in one review? LOL
Anyhoo. Lemme try for this last one,
A pigmented darker tone of #1. Directly.
Yeah.. or or, a slightly colder toned version of #10.

Magenta + a very small hint of warm redness.
This is so Barbie & I love it!

Definitely a must for a bright floral outfit.
This tone makes me want to smile!!
& Im not sure if its me, but it sort of makes the teeth look whiter as well.

I'll leave the rest of the describing to the picture. 

Here's a side by side comparison on lips.
Sorry bout the lighting difference on my skin tone,
but I've maintained the color of the lips to its original :)

 & here's how the lip lacquer looks like on white tissue paper.

Hope you found my little review / guide enligtening and useful!!

Do give me a comment if you have any!
Or ask me your questions at my box at the sidebar! :)


Girl's wardrobe said...

awwww thankssss!!!!
thousand lovess!!!
how nice and they are suit u much!!!

KarenJou said...

They look absolutely great on you darl!

velvet cat said...

Thank you for this awesome review! I had a feeling this wasn't original or "fake" as they call it, but as long as the pigments are strong I'd gladly buy them anyway.

Edwina Jacklin said...

Do u hv any irritation wearing it? Does it last long? :)


Hey Edwina! :) Thanks for visiting my blog!
No, I didn't get any irritations at all, and the color lasts as well as any glossy lip color u usually get. Not as staying as matte lipsticks of course. they're really smooth and moisturizing.