Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Eve

Hello Hello, 
Im a reindeer this Christmas.
Boyf made me wear these cos he said I look better as a reindeer than a person.

Later did I realise the clips were both the same sides.

Which means i have either two left antlers or two right antlers.
Which then means Im a retarded reindeer.
I took it off soon after. 

Looks a lil better here cos u cant see the other antler.

Im not sure if you can see,
But I also mixed up two of my 3ce lip lacquer to create an ombre lip.

We had a Christmas eve lunch instead of dinner.
but its more of a Lunchner cos by the time we got parking at The Gardens it was almost 3pm.

Decided to try this new Japanese restaurant named Ichiriki.
I dont know are they being overly creative with the Japanese names or is it legit

but it sounds like "ichy ricky" 
Which sparks really hilarious/gross ideas. ... lets not go there.

They seemed to have really nice Tonkatsu sets. 
They seem to only serve those.

I was not impressed with the menu choices.
& the price.

I ordered this "black pork" Tonkatsu.
no, the pork wasnt black. 
but apparently its better quality pork.

It did taste really good and tender. 

The rest of the side dishes was so-so.
Seemed more like average cooking put into really nice branding/bowls.

I really like the sesame sauce tho! 

Grind grind grind.
The waitress volunteered to help me but I was like
"no no no I wanna do it... NO. LEMME DO IT" 

because i wanted to test out the GIF so much. 

Stir stir & sauce u gets to eats with the meat.

Sauteed mushrooms!! This man here sure knows how to make my day :)

This was a good dish.
But hey, anyone can make good sauteed mushrooms. 

& here's how huge the set looks.

Wanted to ask him to lemme take a proper pic but nvm la..
he's super hungry.

Most decent eating face ever caught on my camera. 

Trying to celebrate Christmas was so horrifyingly difficult.
Every mall / bar/ club is over-crowded.
& theres literally no where else to go. 

So we ended up going to meet the boyf's friends at Beerhive.
I was lied to, he said theres a street party going on.
There was a street there yes,
no sign of any party whatsoever. 

I did like the music though. Thats the only plus point 

Thats how my face looks like half the time I play beer pong,
I am so bad its not even funny anymore
& below is my boyfriend trying to act like he's really good.
But all he is, is better than I am.

Ok fine he's quite okay. 

Anyhow, Beerhive is really a nice and warm place to be la.
people there are super friendly and they help us take really good pics.
even let me mess around with the 7D for a bit. 

Group photo before we leave. 

& I have a confession to make before the year ends.

I have never personally played with snow / string sprays before in my life.

Here's my 'jakun' face to prove.
(Jakun = Malaysian slang meaning someone who acts like they never seen/experienced something before. Unnecessarily, overly excited )

I also have never popped a champagne bottle after shaking it really hard (because a drunk dude asked me to) & then trying to drink it but end up breathing it into my nose as well. 

So its been a pretty good night, & we're off to have more fun. 

We went off to Zouk with a few of the guys.
I left my phone in the car so theres no pictures.
I dont know if I regret the decision because the place was hella crowded.
But nevertheless,
I am glad I managed to spend the entire night 'til morning with my precious,
We even made our extremely drunk friend take this photo for us.

Pretty crazy good photo for someone who don't even remember taking it
dont u think? 

well thats all for Christmas,
Boyfriend spend the rest of Christmas day being hungover and grumpy.
He also owes me a backdated christmas photoshoot
in which I am trying really hard to make happen. 

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