Thursday, 26 December 2013

DIY : cut-out oversized denim shirt

Remember the oversized denim shirt I mentioned previously in my KLVF post

Well I bought it for this.
Because it was only RM10,
and was pretty much better quality than 
any RM120+ ones you find in Forever21, Cotton on, H&M etc.

Getting to the point,
You'll need 3 things, and
a fairly alert & rational brain 
to perform this very simple DIY/Operation.

Do note that this is a very straightforward & spontaneous method. 

First, grab your oversized shirt, denim 
or whatever else also can actually. 

2nd would be 
Very sharp scissors.
These are my mom's tailoring scissors, they're very heavy and sharp,
so whatever scissors you're using, 
please test them on some fabric to check if they're sharp enough.
Using blunt scissors would risk ruining your shirt or cutting yourself.  

Lastly would be a chalk or if you have a colored pencil like mine
(its made for fabric btw)
This is for drawing the outline/measurement. 
Note: you'd want something that can be washed off. 

Step 1: Draw a little mark from the edge of the collar like in the picture. 

Step 2: Your second checkpoint would be at the sleeve joint, 
Not too deep. Mine was about 1 cm from the shoulder seam. 

Step 3: The last point would be at the sleeve itself,
I did this all by estimation, so just about 2cm - 3cm away from sleeve joint.
(enough to make a nice curve line)

Step 4: Duplicate the measurements on the other side.
Line up the two sides symmetrically back to back.
Check the seams to make sure they're perfectly matched.

to measure and transfer the points,
using my thumb, I made a clip shape 
facing my middle fingernail to the thumb's fingernail. 

I pointed at the line and matched the edge of my nails together 
(like a pinch)
to get the exact point on the other side,
& I marked the point with my chalk. 

Once you're done marking the line,
you should get something like the picture below
Play connect the dots :D 

Join up the marks to form the cut-outline. 
Like the picture below :) 

Just a precautionary step.
Put the shirt on and check the position of the lines.
If this is what you want,
If not, adjust the line til you're satisfied. 

PS: its best to cut this as close to perfection at the first go,
cutting it again to fix it 
would be pretty difficult to get a nice clean 
cut cos the fabric will be all flimsy. 

& then start snipping!

Once you're done, you should get a nice even piece out like this. :) 
Do it for both sides.

Remember to be careful while cutting past the thick seams,
I tend to just cut really hard & thats dangerous cos 
once you cut past the thick part you might just accidentally over cut past the thinner parts. 

so be patient and slowly cut across.
Split the two layers if u have to. 

& then its doneee!!.

wear it on and check out the results. 

& pair it with a belt if u want :D 

Enjoy your new dress! :D 
You can also do this with any oversized shirts you boyfriend doesn't want anymore. 

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