Thursday, 26 December 2013

E42T Restaurant & Bar, TTDI.

Just a short little review that I felt obligated to post 
because good food is so difficult to come by nowadays.

So I visited this bar at TTDI named E42T.

Firstly I really liked the environment here because the ventilation is so good it doesn't have that usual smoky bar atmosphere.
Instead it was well air-conditioned and played pretty nice music...
though we didnt listen much to the music because there was a Machester game on,
& thats basically also the reason why I ended up there.

Anyways, my girl-friend and I were hungry after our movie session.
Yes, I watched Frozen for the second time,
& we stayed for after credits.
Which felt close to almost 15 minutes or more. 

So first thing we ordered,
Crispy Bacon with some spicy chilli powder. 

Be warned, do not breathe while chewing on these,
Once u take a whiff of that chilli powder you'd probably feel like sneezing.
I felt like a tingly feeling in my nose even when I hardly took deep breaths. 

Oh & also, downside to this place,
The waiter/waitresses have no idea what you're saying,
& they just randomly nod at you and order whatever they see on the menu.

I wanted Spaghetti with Meatballs.
& I got a hot plate of only meatballs & some bread.

Well, saved me some carbs. Oh well.
Turns out they have a snack choice of meatballs 
& a main course choice of meatballs AND spaghetti.

I didnt get charged the wrong price so it was pretty ok in the end,
Just word of advice, dont try modifying the menu.
& keep repeating / checkin your order. 

& how can we not order when they have yummy sauteed mushrooms on the snack list. 

This is our 3rd order. 

Omg. They put bacon in there.
Tastes so good we wanted another order. 

But sadly the kitchen closed by the time we finished this. 

Last call order,
My boyf's sandwich.
He panicked when the waitress came by saying its the last call.

Looks good yeah?

I didn't try this but the boyf enjoyed it loads. 
The meat inside is called "pulled pork"
Idk how they pull the pork. But its really pretty good

& here's the end of my really lazy lil food review post.

If you guys out there wanna watch a game and ur gf hates noisy smoky places or mamaks.
Try this place.
I was happy with it. heh! :D

& to end this post, I'm gonna show you my ootn.

Remember the denim shirt I got from KLVF? 
Here's how it looks like now. 

I DIY'ed it to a cut off shoulder denim shirt/dress.
looks really awesome & super comfy for a casual night/day out.
Will be posting a lil tutorial on how I did it.

(the very easy and shortcut way) 

Thats all, KTHXBYE! :D 

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