Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Winter Solstice : DIY Chocolate Tang Yuen

The Dōngzhì Festival or Winter Solstice Festival 
(Chinese冬至pinyinDōngzhì; literally "the Arrival of Winter") 
is one of the most important festivals celebrated 
by the Chinese and other East Asians during the Dongzhi solar term.
(From Wikipedia) : ya I lazy like that LOL

& the celebration this year was yesterday.

My mom was back in Ipoh to celebrate with my grandmother.
Sadly, I had to stay here because 
I didn't wanna miss Christmas eve celebration with my friends. 

When mom's not here,
it also means no ready made tang yuen's to nicely just nom on.

So I decided to make some of my own for my brother & dad.
Cos we lonely people didn't wanna be left out either. 

I never really liked the idea of plain Tang Yuen.
Too bland.
"Everything's better with Chocolate"

Yeah. Ok. Chocolate Tang Yuen! 

Heres how I made em. :)
Hope you find this entertaining or useful in some ways! 

First, grab the glutinous rice dough,
(I bought mine from a lady at the Old Klang road market.)  
mix up some pretty colors & form a marble-like mix. 

So about this amount, roll it up smoothly
& smash it to a moderately thick flat shape.

Next, you'll need your chocolate bits,
Im using dark chocolate from a bar. 
Broke them into tiny pieces so the edges doesn't poke out of the dough.

So grab two little pieces of chocolate, put them in the middle of the dough. 

wrap wrap it up like a present. 

& then roll it up,
check that no edges of the chocolate is sticking out the ball,
or it'll melt and just leak out while cooking.
& then you'll have a big mess instead of a yummy dessert. 

Repeat the steps until you finish up however many you need,
Boil water, make sure theres enough to cover the entire ball
Once its simmering, gently drop the balls inside.
it hurts.

So once they're inside and cooking,
you'll actually notice the colors becomes more vivid! 
Let it boil let it boil..

Lower the heat if you feel the water is simmering too much,
you dont really need that kind of boil,
as long as its gently bubbling its fine.

How do you know if they're ready?
Notice the balls begins to float up after about 2 to 3 minutes 

Once they're all floating, turn off the fire. 
Get a scoop and take them out of the hot boiling water.
Be really careful not to squish and burst any of them.

This is an optional step.

drop the Tang Yuen's into a bowl of cool water.
This is to cool them down a little and regain the "chewyness"
because I find them too soft when they're freshly boiled.
But it really depends 

& they're basically done by now.
Grab however you wanna munch & divide them into lil bowls to share.

as for the soup,
I'd usually go for ginger & brown sugar syrup witht he plain Tang Yuens,
but because chocolate filled,
I personally feel they go better with something milky and less sweet or flavored.

I had mine with Soy Milk. 

V-Soy has a really nice milky and thick consistency,
So its delicious. Plus its not as sweet 
as the common soy milk we drink from cartons 
that are diluted and too sweet to be true. 

& so this is it!
Enjoy your dark chocolate filled Tang Yuen.

Dont need a celebration to make these.

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