Sunday, 8 December 2013

Kuala Lumpur Vintage Festival : KLVF

My darling Jules invited me to join her at Kuala Lumpur's Vintage Festival.
& honestly, my first impression was like huh?
What am I supposed to find? Annabelle dolls?

The place was filled with good & cheap vintage stuff.
Mostly pre-loved though.
& it takes a lot of patience and searching to find something you'd like.
Jules and I were there from 12pm til about 5pm.
Lucky we went on the first day though,
there were soooo much varieties there.

The downside to it?
It was raining so much lately,
the floor was so muddy!
like literally puddles here and there,
I got so tired mainly from jumping and trying to find flat dry land to step on.
My birkenstocks were all muddy and disgusting.

Oh, I also forgot to mention that the mud smells really bad as well,
so it basically smells like a "zoo" in there
that's according to the very sweet and polite Miss Jules,
according to me,
I said it smells like baby poop.
& I honestly think my description describes it better.

Really nice and friendly vendors.
Everything is bargain-able there.
well you can try without people giving you "stares". 

I made Jules hold this up for me because I wanted to show my boyfriend vintage Superman tees.
He always wanted to buy the overpriced DC comics tees. I never let him.
These only cost RM10 each. & they're original.
PLUS vintage stuff are way less commercialised 
and not to mention they're also really rare.
Tees are tees anyways.

I couldn't resist not taking a picture of this really cool Coca-cola parachute 
with a #swag bear hanging on holding a coke.

too cool.

& look at this collection! the dedication is worth a salute. 

Polaroids, my graphic designer friends would go mad for these.

hahaha okay this is stalkerish but this lil boy is so cute,
he's playing with a lil toy plane going "swooooshhh swooooshh~~" 

Gorgeous guitars. Not so vintage, I recall seeing the X shaped one about like 2007 ish? 

Woah, these toys are way before my time.
Probably my dad's generation?
SO nice though,
all we have now are like cheap plastic toys.

MINI COOPER!! So nicely maintained.

& this one, is gorgeous. I dont even know what brand is it.
But I want to bring him home!! LOL

& here they are without me obstructing their beauty. 

They also have awesome vintage bikes, I personally love the middle one.
So badass.

& then theres lil vintage BICYCLES too! haha I wonder anyone here grew up with these? 

Load of vintage stuff. I so love the vintage luggages, 
but Im worried they may break if I use them. 

Back of a VW Combi full of vintage telephones and candy machines etc.
The colorssss are so RGB lol. 

This lil wooden tricycle here is what my lil bro grew up with. hahah
so cute to see it again.
he broke his. 

Jules and I went straight shoppign when we arrived and we totally forgot about eating til our stomachs were literally going to curl into a ball of hunger.

So we decided to take a short break and munch something.
There were a few food stalls there.
Heres what we bought. 

My tortilla & Coffee from The Bocca, 
& her cheese & chicken sandwich + Pop the soda in banana flavor.
It was yums!!! 

these wooden horses are lovely, & yet sooo creepy omg. 

I CANT STAND IT when I see such cute shoesies,
I always feel like getting em and waiting til I have a kid to let him/her wear it.
These were selling for about RM150 a pair.

& heres more pictures of the vintage rides :D 

Heres an awesome VW Campervan

More Vespa's arrived later in the day. 

I personally still love these types the best.

& heres a lil compilation I did for instagram,

I also went on the second day with another friend & my boyfriend
Sadly there was really nothing much left,
I did manage to get the Longchamp bag I was eyeing on Day 1 for a reallllyyy bargain price.

Im definitely going back for next year's event if there is.

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