Friday, 6 December 2013

SOHO by JWong @ Starhill

I've been eyeing on Groupon vouchers for hair services for a long time,
mostly cause my hair has been chopped to a ridiculous layered style by this horrible stylist.
(which I would be nice enough not to disclose here) 
also I am partly to blame for not having the patience to wait for my usual stylist to return from his leave. So because of that I've been dealing with horrid, horrid wavy, unruly hair for a long time now.
& I swear, even on my most hardworking days where I actually blow dry my hair strand by strand, 
It still ends up wavy again within less than 8 hours or so.
& this has got to stop at one point or another. 

I got super excited when I stumbled upon this deal 
I mean, SOHO at Starhill Gallery, this gots to be some really good saloon right??
I told my friend about it as well, and she agreed we go for it.

Being all excited and nervous at the same time,
I went around the interwebs and found some reviews for this saloon.
In which scared me so bad in return... all I got was 1 good review and about 3 bad ones or so. 
& by bad I mean like broken damaged hair bad. 

Anyhow, my darling girlfriend Sue advised me to just go with it,
It IS in Starhill Gallery and it has a rep to live up to.

This was it, Im driving off to KL to meet Sue before our appointment at 3pm.
& a little glimpse of how my hair looks even after a blowdry. 

I parked in Pavillion, *gulp* despite the expensive parking rate.
Met up with Sue & decided to have brunch before our lil pamper session.
I felt like having a breakfast-y meal.
Yes, I have this tendency to be unable to skip breakfast.
Bread/Cereal/Eggs/Coffee or tea is a must when it comes to first meals. 

We decided on trying out The Loaf. Expensive bakery much. *cringe

My Caramel Latte & Sue's Mocha.
Both was pretty good, til we reached the bottom
turns out all the sweet mocha & caramel sunk.
*chokes on sugar

The giant Club sandwich we both ordered.
Fries was good and crispy. Yum.
The sandwich was pretty alright too, there was beef bacon, ham, eggs, veggies and such.
I don't remember much. (Sorry) 
I got to add tho, they recommended the whole grain bread, said it was the best choice 
but it was rough and very very dry. (not nice) 

We were greeted by the pretty Xmas Tree at the entrace to Marriot Hotel. 

& while finding the Saloon I noticed the pretty snow-like icicles in the lift area.
Love how the interior of Starhill looks so royal & the red carpet looking escalators.

I didnt take much pictures of the Chemical procedure but I asked for Relaxing
If u dont know what Relaxing is, 
its actually a softer version of Rebonding/Straightening, 
basically supposed to be a lot more natural but less lasting as compared.

Sue wanted to perm, but she had a damaged blonde part 
& the stylist was sweet enough to advise her to take Straightening 
or Coloring option instead cos her hair would break. 

They used really nice Shiseido products for the chemical treatments.
I could smell and feel the gentle and good quality.
(Seriously cos I did this quite a few times before) 

The girl who washed my hair and helped out was also really nice and professional.
Except for this newcomer girl, shes so slow I literally almost fell asleep just by looking at her. 

So this is how our hair turned out after about 3 hours. 
Oh & there was also this offer for treatment at only RM98.
We took it cos it was such a good deal! 

Sue's haircolor is so gorgeous!
Mine was smootha n silky. I loved how manageable it is and 

but honestly, 
I find it too straight. Looks like Rebonding!

Too generous they are with the straightening. haha 

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