Sunday, 1 December 2013

We Love Asia : Avicii

One of the best EDM Rave I've been to this year.

Our pre-drink was psycho as well. Thanks to my bf.
We bought Soju & Wine.
yeah. what kind of rave pre-drink combo is that.

well, I kid u not,
Soju's effects doesn't end quick. It gets worse.

Just sharing some stuff I've learnt from this year's raving.

very obvious i-cant-believe-u-dont-knw-these tips. 
  • wear shoes. its the best because people will step on you toes. definitely. 
  • for girls (if u dont already know) wear your bikini, unless u like sweating in your lingerie.
  • for girls again, hair's gonna look like crap, so pick a sweat-proof style. or bring a hair tie. 
  • try not to bring anything that flies around, unless u dont plan to dance. 
  • use a money clip to secure your cash+identity. wear something with a tight pocket.
  • be very alert of your belongings, people snatch things. (yah, WHAT?! i know...) 
& here comes the pictures. 
theres really nothing much I can say besides that 
this felt so unreal when the music envelopes me. 

The picture is blurred. but i love the effect and we were all still so gorgeous!

imma flamingo
that lost her balance cos im drunk on soju
still trying
flamingo-ing again
I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

Poor Jules, she looks worried. Lol

Macho Minnie man. 

This is madness!!

Baby cant stop kissing me! :O 


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