Thursday, 2 January 2014

365 Grateful. Day 2

So today I've come across this inspirational video of how this lady turns her photography interest into something more than just photographs.

& I decided since 2014 has just begun, Its really not too late for me to try this.  
+ since I've just started this blog, and most of the time I'll be posting something anyway,
I might as well add this up.

I'll make a point to be thankful for at least one thing everyday. 
I dont think that's actually difficult at all.
Its probably difficult to choose ONE thing to be thankful for.
So I'm not gonna put a limit to my posts, just a minimum of at least 1. 

Today's the second day of 2014,

So officially I would be the first day for this, 
But to make things easy for me I'll just count it as 2nd day. 
Since I was thankful yesterday for a beautiful countdown & that I made it to 2014. 

Today's Thanks.

First and mainly, 

I am very thankful for something that is considered a rare gem nowadays.
I have a mother that cooks absolutely scrumptous meals. 
& She does it happily.

Secondly is that I still have a day for finish up my work for class tomorrow,
& also that I am on the last semester of my Uni life.

& one more thing,
I am thankful for a beautiful year of EDM.
Thankful that I have the ability to enjoy music without being high on substance.

heres an awesome best of EDM.

I know its a short post for today. But I havent finished my day yet. Thats all for now! :) 

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