Friday, 3 January 2014

Bagels with Love // 365 Grateful : Day 3

Fridays are awesome.
End of the week.
No work for the moment.
BREAK. don't care if I need it or not!

But its the beginning of the year, and its between New Years and Chinese New Year.
Nothing is happening! 

Well except the WOW festival. which I don't plan to go because Sunway...hmm.. 

Here I am,
feeling amazingly vain.
haha its also a lil update on my haircolor condition.
Its been almost a week now?
The red's still looking good if u ask me.
And Im wearing the purple/pink shade from my 3CE lip lacquer collection to match my top.
Gorgeous ain't it, the color  I mean. 

Anyhow, I decided to have lunch with two of my fav people today :) 

My dear friend's bagel shop at SS15.
Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe.

Its located at the row opposite Asia Cafe.
Right beside Pizza Hut.
Parking's quite difficult but we opted to park in the paid parking lot.
Pretty alright RM2 for the parking. 
Better than getting bird poop all over the car and going in circles over n over. 

Headed into the cafe.
IT WAS COLD!!! hahaha
sorry that was what my first feels were.
Then I noticed the interiors and design.
Pretty simple n comfy.
Loveeee the delicious posters omg.

The counter displayed all the delicious choices of bagels 

& Bagel Chips 

4 simple steps to order,
incase you're blurcase like me.

So we made our orders. 

Ordered at the counter.
Didn't try out the stuff from the menu,
I ordered straight from the posters.
Cos like I mentioned,
Its looks so good!

I ordered this "Philly Cheese Steak" bagel in a set.
That came with a drink, which I chose tea
and a side, (I was so impatient and hungry) I ordered the salad 
(& tuned out/forgot all the other sides mentioned) 
Honest, I saw this photo updated from Brooklyn B's Page 
& I instantly wanted to try it out.

My darlings were so in sync today,
They both ordered the Lox with Creamcheese
& Iced water.

LOL yes, he got smacked for being a 'copycat' :)

Le Boyf is a glutton as usual.
HAD to order sides,
I didnt even know cos I went off to take a seat,

He ordered an entire pack of Bagel Chips.
I also had no idea it was a HUGE portion.

& we took our seats.
waited for our orders.

Im not sure if it was 'cause I was starving and impatient,
or that our orders took a tad bit longer than desired?
took about 10 mins or so before we got our meals. 


But had to picture first because I'm likethat now

How it looks when opened, 
I like how theres a piece of paper provided to hold the bagel while eating.
Seems small,
but VERY useful.

& heres the Lox Bagel 

& a pretty bad pic of my darlings enjoying their meal.
can u see the giant basket of bagel chips?
yeah we finished that.
the dip was yumness!
I'd say, the chips are a lil hard, but super crunchy. 

on a side note,
this is also my 3rd day in the 365 Grateful posts.
& no surprise,
today, I'm grateful for having these two people in my life.

They literally light up my life.
Turn an ordinary day to one worth remembering.

PLUS its a bonus when they're both with me 
because its so entertaining to watch them annoy each other.
ahahahaha but seriously,
they're so lovable. I cant even...
ahaha yea. My boyfriend & My bff for laif.
what'd I do without them?

It was an overall satisfying meal here :)
Definitely one of the best 'wiches' I had, 
since I'm really not a bread person
I only love chewy and 'meaty' breads.
These bagels are definitely my fave.
I wish I bought some home for myself.
I'd even eat it plain

& before we left,
had to admire the gorgeous hand painted artwork on their wall.
such details!!! <3 


A lil update for later in the day,
I'm probably one of the very rare ones who never ever posts 
on facebook or instagram about my workouts,
but I've actually been at it for months now.
& it has contributed greatly to my life.

I have been slacking for a bit due to deadlines in December & also the holidays/celebrations.
Today I finally got to catch up on my favorite weight training.

Slight grateful addition,
Not everyone can have a beautiful manicure,
& be able to lift weights :)

I'm glad I challenge my limits day by day.

Today I have improved to double of my beginning weight.

Its not much yet.
But progress is progress.

Hopefully soon enough I'd have something more to show :) 

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