Saturday, 18 January 2014


I hope that the story that I am about to tell you would inspire more people to love beyond their eyes, and let it empower you to save lives of the innocent.
Life may be a fragile as fine glass,
but we're all strong in certain ways, 
if we share our strengths & learn to outdo ourselves,
together it'd weave into a force greater than we'd ever know. 

Here's the story on how I came across this beautiful little girl.

I was driving back home from Subang on Old Klang Road, heading towards OUG.
and suddenly the truck in front of my car slowed down to a stop,
and turned away from the far right lane I was on, to the left.

& I was shocked to see that the truck avoided running over this little kitten.
It was laying on the floor helplessly.
So without much thought I stopped my car and pulled up the handbrake
but because I was panicking I forgot to put the gear to Park 
& got out the car while it was still on Drive.

I have no idea how to describe the panic when my car was moving by itself, 
with the door open,
and almost ran over the kitten.
I managed to get in and stop it right before it did.
Got out again and quickly grabbed the kitten and drove off.

 I went home and got a box to carry the kitten because one of her leg was paralysed.
It got really scared of me though, kept hissing like a snake.
Boyfriend came over and helped. :)
He's so good with animals. Charming much hehhh. 

So at the end we finally managed to get kitty into the box and we drove off to OhanaKD,
They're the only ones I know that can give me the guidance I needed to help the kitty.
They were so nice to supply me a cage and kitten food enough to last days. :') 
I was so thankful and happy.
& the next task was just to take care of kitty and bring her to the vet tomorrow.

But sometimes life's unfair.
Or maybe beautiful in its own ways.

On my way back, kitty was moving a lot, trying to stand up and crawl around..
til she suddenly just stopped.
and laid there breathing softly.

Boyf got worried tho he was driving, he noticed the kitty was getting weaker.
I put my hand over her to feel if she was breathing.
Her breaths were really weak.
I got really scared.

A few minutes later we stopped the car and checked on kitty.
Her pupils were dilated, and her face went pale. 
All hopes were lost.
Kitty's left us.

I broke into tears, I couldn't accept the fact that I was so close to giving her another chance in life.
I felt that it was life giving her a second chance that I managed to pick her up from the road.

I didn't understand why was she taken away.
I don't understand why she made it this far and yet she wasn't given the chance to finish.

But I have no choice but to let her go,
We drove off to an empty grassfield and wrapped her up,
put her in a nice secluded place and said goodbye.

I was heartbroken, 
but no, I don't think it was wasted effort.
Infact Kitty inspired me to keep on doing my best to help strays.
In whatever power I have,
I would do my best. 

Last but not least, do support adopting and saving lives instead of buying pets.

We always say love someone from knowing them,
Not by their appearance,

& I think this is well proven in a love from a pet to his master,
they will love you no matter how you look or smell, they don't care of your race, language or religion, and they will love you endlessly, unconditionally.

If you can't find the heart to love a stray,
You probably don't know what love is.
Im sorry,
But this is the truth.

RIP my beautiful kitten,
Im glad I had you for those 3 little hours.

Click on the banner and go support OHANA with rescue funds,
Or visit their adoption drives and take a look at how adorable all these little furkids are.

& trust me, 
there's no better feeling in the world than knowing you saved a life.

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