Thursday, 9 January 2014

I wish I lived in Wonderland.

If you guys don't already know,
I am CRAZY about wonderland.
I love everything about it because its so beautifully creative.
& it barely makes sense.

I love Alice because shes so much like me.
I daydream so much, and most of the time my dreams is just crazy abstract.

& yes, I cosplayed Alice.
I dont even cosplay.
But I HAD to do this.

The costume, hair and shoes took me an entire week to find.
But I love how this turned out.
& this is not the end yet. 

Also I remember a few years back when it was the premiere of Tim Burton's Alice,
Literally MAD.
Because they had this gorgeous installation at the center court of Midvalley
that looked like the setting of Wonderland.

(Omg so sad I had to google image because I misplaced my photos somewhere)

Well then I swore one day when I have a house, I'd decorate a section like this.
& have a birthday in this theme.
& I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to wonderland themed things, & tattoos.
yes, Im considering an abstract piece in Wonderland theme.

I cant believe I missed this though. *sigh

Anyways, as I was saying..
(I shud stop being distracted...)

The White Rabbit, reminds me of how I am like when I chase for something.
Most of the time it just brings me to a whole different 'world', but yet, instead of being afraid,
I just end up learning so much that I never even thought I would.

The mad hatter, well I wasnt much of a fan of this crazy guy, until Tim Burton came up with a different rendition of the character.
I am in love with how he said to Alice "You used to be much more..."muchier." You've lost your muchness" 
& the way he is so much more emotional and deep compared to the original Hatter.
ALSO a huge part was because Johnny Depp played the character.
Honestly! I wouldn't mind giving up reality and being with him forever <3

I mean, LOOK AT HIM!
My fav actor in my fav story...

& last year, when I was in Disneyland Tokyo,
I spent all my money swiping off Alice in Wonderland merchandise off the shelves.
I literally bought 80% of the shop.

I wanted to dine at the restaurant so bad, but the line was madness

Anyways, its been so hectic this week I barely had time to sit and write here.

But while I was doing research at class earlier,
I came across something that completely psyched me.

that was my first reaction. LOL

What is it?

365G - Day 9

Today's grateful discovery?

Suddenly I felt like the world is not such a horrible place afterall. 

Hahahaha okay I'll stop being dramatic.
I cant wait to watch this series! 


& I wanna end this post with my other really fav Character from this year.

Olaf from Disney's Frozen.

My classmate showed me this.
& I was laughing so hard,
Im still laughing right now.

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