Sunday, 5 January 2014

Le Lapin Sunday

I heard bout this place quite sometime ago.
I said I wanted to try it because of the bunny concept.
& cos they had this awesome coffee ice cubes.

But I managed to introduce to both my best friends,
they both brought their boyfriends
and I am only able to finally make it here today.

Talk about slow. LOL
anyways. this is Le Lapin,
Its located at Danau Desa, near the fish head noodles place.
Above the gift shop.

Oh my they sell handmade bunnies with a card.
These would make such lovely presents.

Heres how the cafe area looks like.
Its very quiet here usually.
I came with Jimmy, and my boyf decided to join.
Jim commented that "this place is so quiet I feel I'd get arrested for speaking loud"
hahahahaha. cute lawyer sense of humor I suppose.
we were kinda the noisiest table here.
Elegant. yes.

very artistic giant painting of a bunny on the wall here.

Ah, but I gotta mention this unfortunately,
I came here on a Sunday
& the place seems to be crowded for its size.
Definitely serving more than its capable of because?
theres only ONE person working here.
OMG? What? on a Sunday?
Definitely very very understaffed if u ask me.

Took us ONE HOUR to get our coffees.
Are you freaking kidding me? 
Luckily I was here to catch up with Jim, so I didn't mind waiting.
Would've definitely cancelled my order otherwise. 

Furthermore, the choices of food here are minimal.
Probably about like 6 types?
Not somewhere you come for food definitely.

We both ordered a Chicken Mushroom Pie.
That took another 30 minutes after the Coffee was served.

Pretty heart shaped coffee ice cubes. :) 

I like the fact that the milk is Full cream.
Low fat milk is disgusting

The melting ice looks so pretty in contrast to the white milk,
I had to take a picture.

Yes, more pictures cos meanwhile, Boyf and Jim were busy talking bout Superman.

Floating heart ice cubesss!!! ahhh!!
Anyways, the coffee was okay.
Enjoyable, but nth remarkable in sense of the taste and aroma.

aaaaanndddd...the food was FINALLY served.
took way too long for something so easily done.
I mean, even the other food choices weren't that difficult.
I dont know why it took that long.

She's probably horrible at multitasking.

My boyf ordered himself a chocolate brownie cake and a cup of milk

It came 10 mins after the meal.
thats pretty damn long for reheating a ready made cake and pouring a glass of fresh milk.

Meanwhile my coffee has melted into a pretty pattern.

Well anyhow, the eating only took us 15 minutes or less.
I'm most definitely not coming back here unless necessary.

Not worth the waiting so sorry to say.
Would be an awesome place maybe on weekdays when its not as crowded.
I love the handmade cards and bunnies they sell though.

Boyf and I decided to drop by Times Square after.
I didn't mind some bargains for Chinese new year.
Splurged way too much previously.

KL was horribly jammed. Ugh. 
But luckily we still got a pretty nice parking in TS. 

Came across this stall selling phone casings on clearance.
& finally found this pretty Chanel Boy inspired casing for my 5s.
Best part is that its being sold much cheaper than I ever saw it.

First time I checked the price of this was at KLVF.
This stall was selling it for RM99.
& after I bought this one for RM36,
I checked other stalls in the mall as well,
they were selling for at least RM59.

Yay. good deal good deal

Had early dinner at Tappers.
We initially wanted to have Nandos but boyf said we can get Nandos anytime at our area,
Might as well have tappers since its outlets are mostly far from where we usually are.

He ordered a peach cooler (or sth like that) and it came with Vanilla ice cream,
Poor boyfie was so cold he couldn't take the ice cream,
so I had it all to myself. Yay.
Was sweet of him to walk to the counter & get me another plate.
(or he probably wanted his drink back)

Fries and ice cream!!! best combo ever.
Who agrees!!? 

365G - Day 5 

I am blessed to have this amount of food on my table, 
for only 2 people.
My boyfriend's not the most romantic person on earth.
But he loves me in the most practical ways ever.
& he always shares a piece of his food with me,
(after stealing a big chunk of mine)


I realised how lucky I am to have at least two things to be grateful about every single day!
I got this yesterday, but I only had time to open it today.
Belated Christmas gifts from Julie darling! <3
Isnt she the sweetest most creative person ever! 
not to mention very very thoughtful as well!! 
this is the most adorable gift I ever received.
I am so blessed to have her as a friend.
Muchos Loves! 

& what was inside??

A hand painted BUNNY!

& yes she mentioned she remembers I love white bunnies
(Alice in wonderland freak) 

Adorable Christmas themed bunny has a bindi on its forehead like Jules. 

Second? A JAR OF BACON JAM...with beer!!!
I tell u,
this is a bottle of heavenly delicious goodness.

And last but not least?
This HILARIOUS book about horrible f'ed dating situations.
Which some I really needed answers to! 

& heres an end to another day.

Yes as u noticed, Day 4 is missing because I have yet to receive pictures for that.
Will have to do a backdated post later on.

Do look out for it because its EPIC.

&& tomorrow, I'll be finally meeting a long lost good friend.
Hopefully I have enough time to keep up with my posts.
Uni is getting hectic as half the semester has passed and its getting nearer to my graduation.

I cant wait.
& I am horribly stressed.

alright. ending the post with this song cos its been in my head for the entire day

Never underestimate the power of love.

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