Sunday, 12 January 2014

Of Clams, Mint IceCream & Elmo Shows.

Its Sunday night again.
The dreadful pre-Monday-blues are slowly approaching,
as we savor every minute of the glorious day off, ticking away.

Had an amazing dinner,
White Wine Vongole,
with a whole load of awesome clams!
Not the cheap tiny lalas we usually get u know...

Plus the sauce had much effort put into it,
I could taste flavors and uniqueness, 
not just the usual salt pepper and lil bit of mixed herbs kind of spaghetti.

We headed off to have dessert after,
& ended up in this classy looking cafè.

According to my friend,
they've won awards for their desserts.
So I suppose their standards are up to par? 

We ordered a chocolate cake.
Not sure whats it called again,
Rich Chocolate or something like that.

And added this Chocolate chip Mint ice cream 
it looks amazing doesn't it!
gorgeous presentation to start off. :)

& here comes the tasting!

Take a look at the video as my friends give their piece of mind about the Mint ice cream. 

& this is the end of it :) 

We walked for a bit,
& one of my bff's recommended we try the wheatgrass Moo Cow dessert.

and omg

& the night ended with some bonding time at home.
Beautiful flowers from the garden.

and here we are chilling,
watching and commenting about Snow White & the huntsman.

Kristen.S is a horrible horrible actress, fullstop.

But we had fun being mean about it! :D

I was sitting on this really hilarious bedsheet
& I got an idea to challenge my boyfriend.
He, is hilarious.
& so gonna kill me for sharing this. but I had to! 

HAHAHA he's so good isn't he!!! 

and last but not least?
The cutest most lazy/creative present I received this year.
Also the first!

Thankyou my very artistic BFF!
Never had a more guilt-free present unwrapping in my life.

& those are such gorgeous snowflakes n stars. 

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