Monday, 20 January 2014

Questionable Clubbing Behaviours.

Last weekend I attended Flash Friday in Prodigy KL ( Formerly known as Butter Factory) 

because one of my very favourite local DJ, Mr.Fluff was spinning.

& I swear, each and every time I partied to his sets, 
I don't only have a GOOD time, I have an AMAZING time.
He's so good that we couldn't find time to take a break. 

I like that they serve Belvedere here in Prodigy.
One of my fav Vodka :)
Tastes so smooth unlike Absolut, I dread that burn. ugh. 

Pretty laser lights yes :) 

Gorgeous photo by my 5s as usual.
The duo flash is AMAAAAZINGGGGG. <3 

Anyways, thats just for starters,

I actually considered whether or not to share this,
but I decided to anyways.

My girlfriends and I headed off to Zouk at about 2.30AM cos Prodigy was about to close.
& every KL party-goer knows being at Zouk on a weekend means getting "Sardine canned". 

but besides that, there are also a whole load of ridiculousness going on in that cramped space.
In which I'd like to call questionable clubbing behaviours. 


#1, Grabbing & Groping

I seriously don't get why men do this,
Yes I do understand you all loveee to touch them sexy ladies.
but isn't there another way? a more beneficial way for both parties?
Don't be rude and grope / grab someone, be it a lady or another man,
Its just rude, unpleasant and definitely not likely to end well for you.

Think of this, at the end, what do you get? a slap? 
if you really wanna get laid, this is not a great way at all.

When I was walking about in Zouk,
I felt at least 3 times someone's hand from somewhere grabbing my arm really hard 
& trying to pull me somewhere?

That was NOT nice at all.
What in the world do they expect to find even if I do get pulled in?
" oh Hi, nice to meet you! " ?? 


#2, Drinking way too much

First of all, yes, I have been this way myself.
& so I am experienced enough I suppose.
Please please, test your limits and know it well.

I'm pretty sure we all come to clubs to have a good time,
not to injure the hell out of ourselves, 
hurt / annoy / offend someone else,
get into a bad fight and end up in a police station 
or ruin our reputation forever. 

So why!?? tell me WHY 
would do you wanna become so drunk 
that you end up making bad mistakes on a supposedly good night?

( well unless you do enjoy that I am definitely a-okay about it! )


#3, Getting too touchy.

Okay, so you did everything right,
or you got lucky, 
& you got a girl dancing with you now.

Please please don't get overly touchy and desperate right now.
Cos I mean come on,
you're dancing, not having sex.
yes Im not saying you can't touch her,
she probably finds it to be a compliment as well. 

However, theres a fine line between sexy, and too much.
In a club where body language plays an important part,
I everyone should know how to express and interpret body language.
If she/he moves away you're probably doing sth wrong.

Well of course, this only applies if they even know how to control alcohol intake to start with.


It has always become an excuse for people 
that alcohol makes people do things that are not in their nature,
I'm not too sure I fully agree,
There are several things that determine someone's behaviour when they're drunk,
& I believe its partly related to the way they are.
Alcohol decreases your conscience & rationale thinking,
but it definitely doesn't turn u to someone you're not.
Just someone you wouldn't choose to be when you're sober.
What do you think?

In my opinion, being a constant drunk is just unattractive. 
Knowing how to drink enough to have fun shud be sufficient.


With that being said, I'm pretty much blacklisting this place from further visits.
Unless my friends find a very legit reason for me to be there,
I'd probably pass.

I have no idea whats the charm of this horrid cultured club.
I encountered none of the above in Providence,
& infact people were courteous even if they try to flirt. 

Well thats all for my post now,
I hope no one finds this offensive,
Its really just my very own piece of mind,

Do feel free to drop me a comment of your own opinion if you have any :)

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Lisa Lim said...

You're right with the drinking part and for the groping. Luckily in France they talk to you first and will ask you if you wanna dance with them (such gentlemen) ^^ Men in Mlsia (not sayin all men but majority) should not treat girls like they're a piece of meat just cause we're having fun in clubs.