Saturday, 11 January 2014


Today I woke up to an alarming message from bf's bff.
Boyfriend lost his phone at the gym.

Honestly? I felt horrible that he has to fork out money for a new phone..
but a part of me is like "YES goodbye multi(dis)functional droid!" 

Yeah so he picked me up and we went off to get his new phone.

He was asking for my opinions.
& well. I know nothing good bout droids except that they have a huge screen.
My boyfriend's a lil blind tho he claims to have perfect eyesight and was blessed with huge eyes.

yada yada, he compared the value of his plans to the contract for a new phone.
& in the end he PERSONALLY decided to get a 5C.
..why a 5C? well cos he's not exactly tech savvy as I am to need a 5S.

Anyhow, I felt like...

& I was starving, so we had Thai food at one of our fav restaurants,
Absolute Thai @ Gardens Mall.
MY TREAT because I'm celebrating. hahaha
Here's beautiful photos of my awesome br/lunch/ner.

This is my Lychee Mint drink
Which boyf said he wanted to share,
& I nicely agreed.
& he finished every single last drop of it.
replaced it with a Chatime but I still partly am bitter bout it.

My Pad Thai. Blanket on, Blanket off.

& his (not sure what) Rice
But super yummy.
& the portions are HUGE!

We wandered aimlessly around
with failed attempts to find him a value-worthy casing and screen protector.
I am such a believer in pasar malam screen protectors.
I mean, its either cheap all the way, or buy original stuff.
No point paying extra for sth not branded in a mall.
at the end its all the same cheap stock.

We wanted to get movie tickets at Midvalley but its all full.
Boyfie wanted to watch the Legend of Hercules
& I was pretty interested myself because I love fictional stuff. :)
I dont know what hit him, but he decided to watch it in GSC Signature.

Woah. Its been ages since I splurged on Premium Tickets.

It does feel good when we only reward ourselves once in a while.
Definitely a very enjoyable choice of cinema.
Awesome quality, comfy seats. and we even get to order food and eat while watching movie.
The next best thing to cuddling and watching movies at home :)

I went home after that. Boyf had some family matters to attend to.
& I was tired still from the late nights of working on assignments.
Little did I know that facebook had a picture of someone whom had wronged me badly in the past.
The sight of his face drove me crazy in rage.
& soon enough I was stuck at this condition

& I needed time out.
I needed a party or somewhere to go.

I made desperate calls to friends.
But somehow everyone was busy this Saturday. 

& then I came across Mr.JoshLim's post about extra WOW Music Festival tickets.
10 Minutes later, here I am speeding to Sunway.
Best last minute decision of my life

I was rushing so bad I barely had time to withdraw more cash for myself.
I brought my card with me, but silly much! they obviously go by cash only.

I felt so bad because my friends had to pay for me.
But luckily I didn't even want much drinks.

We did find this really cute stall selling floral headbands.
2 for Rm20.

& Im all equipped.
Supplied glowsticks by sweet Miss.Sherry. 
& of course, VIP tickets!! 


And we entered into my very first beach music party!!
*jumps around like a happy kid

& here we are!

Bunch of gorgeous girls!!! <3 <3 <3

Taking photos as it was still early. I really love my floral band!

Look at them Neon glowsticks!

Bumped into Mr.Fluff!!! :)
Funny guy.
Love his music so much! 

As we were chilling at the VIP area, I had a nice insightful chat with Mr.Lim. :)
& wow, I've never been told so much quotable lines during a party in my life.
I wanted to note them down in my phone but I was too carried away listening to them.

One of those I remember the most is this one here.

" Never be silly to give up your dreams for anyone, Even if u think they're your future, and that they can provide you a life good enough... because at the end of the day all that make us who we are, are our dreams, they're all we've got, so take a chance, work hard and do what you love, do it good! Give it all your best because If you never try, You'll really never know".

(Paraphrased because I don't remember the exact words)

& soon enough we moved to the party area to enjoy the music.

Lots of lil wonderful things happened that night.

#1, I bumped into Jules <3 I was delighted!! Seeing her makes my party immidiately 10X better! :)

#2, I literally walked and stood next to Derek CKM
Been so long since I saw this boy here!!
Love his cray cray vibe!

Best lighting I had, 
But someone looks like he fell asleep. Hah!!

I was walking around getting drinks and..
DJ LengYein!!!
It felt surreal meeting her in person because all I ever see are her photos & videos.

She's really nice and down to earth.
Haters gonna hate.
At least she's all hard work & not just luxury brands. 

SO SAD the pic turned out blur.

#5 One of my favourite drinks ever is the main drink here at WOW.
Korean Mead, Honey Wine.
Its sweet & delicious.

No better way to feel good than rave with awesome drinks. 

Okay Im not really too happy with the complimentary drinks though.
Fake Red Bull? Really?

HAHAHA GIF Memes are hilarious. 
but really!! WHAT?! 

Just for the record, I didnt drink it.
Im sorry. I cant.

Moving on, 
More pictures of me, and 
do check out the video snippet at the end for a more audiovideo experience of my experience!  

aaaandd...I was tired of my smiling face. GAHHH

What we've been waiting for! 

# OOTN picture because really tired of waiting dy. 

and Cheers to the event!

ended too prematurely early. I dont even know how to put it to words
But ended by 12am,
felt like a high school party.
Like okay everyone lets go home before our mama calls.


But okay, there apparently is an afterparty in SOJU,

Which we did visit, walked a wholeeee stretch to reach,
and got utterly disappointed.
No live DJ, No one dancing, just loads of smoke and people standing around.

& here we are sitting on the floor because our feet are so tired!

Later we realised both my friends dropped their IC & driving license,
So we backtracked all the way to lagoon to look for them
& OMG I actually found the driver's license on the floor, 
and a security found the IC and returned it to her.

the world needs more kind people like them. :') 

Went to my car afterwards to drive to mamak.
Driving backwards because Im lazy to U-turn and U-turn to get there. 
& I was famished!

What to order?
my absolute fav LOL

& this, ended my beautiful night.
With a head full of champagne hair
and feet full of Aoki Cake.

Couldn't have transformed my night any better. :)

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