Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Here comes the cliche last moments of 2013 post. 

Here I am, fixing my makeup last minute, 
because why not just be late again for one more time. LOL

& my boyfriend is getting more used to having his pictures taken.

& ending the year with two of my very favs.
Ribena longan & Asam Laksa.

& boyfriend had tomato rice with chicken.
Pretty yums. just not so my thing.

& this, this fried kailan, is DELISHUS! 

My outfit of the night. :)
chose fav sparkly top for the occasion.

I absolutely love the combination here.
Its so simple & comfy YET photogenic.
exactly what I look for in my outfits.

& guess what, its so inexpensive you can actually call me "cheapskate". LOL
Or just absolutely tastefully thrifty.
(I shud consider putting up my thrift shopping tips)

*macklemore's song starts playing

Anyways, I stumbled upon the sparkly top in Padini during their 50% off sale midyear or so.
it cost me only about RM30+ after discount. & mind you those sequins are super soft to touch.
Doesnt fall off easily as well.
the blue bodycon skirt cost only RM10 from TimeSquare. 

AND I gotta add,

I love the gigantic mirror in Mr.Chan's house

Photos at the balcony with my loves.

My "handsome" date.

& my gorgeous best friend for life. 

Ahhhhh the KLCC view is magnificent! 

Yah, we're so hardcore we down vodka like this. 

I went crazy when the fireworks started.

Tried 3 diff photo styles.
Not very creative IMO, cos it was so unplanned.

Bokeh Fireworks. Cos I just suddenly felt random.

Can u see the bokeh'ed twin towers? :D 

& playing around with slow shutter without looking 

& my drunk boyfriend managed to snap a rare few clear pictures for me.


& I will look sepet for the very last time in my photos. Agh.

& here's some more of the fireworks :)


Look, someone loves their beautiful girlfriend a lot :)

hahaha I'm just kidding, I was like "KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME" 
cos i wanted this photo.

yep. thats how it works with this boy here. 

It was a peaceful but lovely night :) 

HAPPY 2014! 

& let me end this with our faces after the fireworks.

amazing how we both have such charming smiles. LOL

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