Saturday, 4 January 2014

#YOLO Crystal Hill Hike

Today, I have officially experienced a life or death in my own hands situation.

Off the bucket list, 

I came, I climbed, I conquered. 

Crystal Hill // Bukit Tabur// The dragon's backbone. 
also known as the Worlds longest Quartz Ridge

It was the most memorable, exciting, thrilling & breathtaking experience I had so far. 

What an amazing way to start my year.
First and foremost I need to thank these amazing people, 
for being so very patient to guide me and ensure my safety with all their might.
also because they are the most amazing, perfect, lovely, (insert all things awesome) companions ever.

I mean, who gets pictures like this at such a tiring hike? 
Due to the massive amount of pictures,
and a 'lil hectic block in my schedule,

Im sorry this post is so backdated!

I had to wake up at 4AM to get ready, pack and start driving.
Promised to pick miss Jules from her place,
so we were on the way at around 4.45AM.

I had no idea the route to Melawati was THAT far.
I mean... LOOK AT THIS!

Anyways, I was driving with my Myvi because I searched up the parking locations
and it looked really unsafe and unguarded.
Best to go with the security film tinted car.
PLUS I'm definitely gonna be all muddy, dirty and sweaty.
Myvi's leather seats are just perfect because I can wipe it.
(blabber blabber) 
but yes. 

TIP #1,
Choose the most hardcore, small car u have because the parking condition are...
at the side of a very small road, no proper flooring and just...
you would prefer to prevent your car being scratched if any big vehicle passes by.
and because we're there early, 
robbery might happen. someone might try to break into your car.
So leave no valuables behind. 
Camouflage your car.
okay im exaggerating.
just be cautious :) 

Never in my life have I driven backwards so many times 
its hilarious because the roads are so empty at 5AM,
we can literally drive backwards.
& also cos my WAZE just died off out of sudden.
everything seems 'extraordinarily creepy" when its dark. 
I mean, how the heck does the gps suddenly just goes from navigating to no route nothing?


SO I finally made it,
we started to hike at 5.30AM.

If you're planning to see the sunrise,
you're definitely gonna hike up early like we did.

TIP#2 - Essentials 

Shoes that are intact.*

because you NEED IT.
crystal hill isn't exactly a paved route to a beautiful sight afterall.
especially if you're not a regular sports person,
or if you've never hiked before,
or even tried rock climbing.

Less talk more photos.
...I'll try.
Okay look at this.
remember I said u need a torch light...and gloves?
well yeah.
This is the BEGINNING of the seemingly endless hike.

Jules' torchlight saved the day.

I really dislike how the pictures make these steep climbs look SO simple.
but they're not.
The rocks are SHARP
and getting a good grip is rare.

Enthusiastic much I was.
Energetic too.
& of course, not forgetting,
very ugly with my hair all pulled back like an aunty. 

This is how we feel every time we reach an area we can stop and take a breath
without feeling like we're gonna fall off and die. 

& while we stopped, we were actually pretty high enough to see some of the view 

thats the most my 5s could capture,
which I personally think its really good for a phone kays! 

I love the sparkly pretty dew drops on the lush greens in the morning
Living in the city takes these simple beauty away from us.
Good job Jim in capturing this shot :)

& no, this was not done using flash

Anyways, we managed to reach to the first peak to catch the sunrise at 7.30AM
The view?
oh yes, the view,
thats all we're here for right?

Here's 50% of how good it looks in real life.

The gorgeous clouds at dawn
Looks so surreal doesn't it.

& the sun is rising!


Here's an achievement shot.
Still alive, got dirt on my forehead probably from my own hands.
or from walking into trees.

With the two really expert/experienced hikers. <3 

Hah, my signature pose, except this time,
I really didnt dare to cross my legs, or lift one up.
I could really fall off cos I was still kinda shivery from the steep hikes.

Everyone looks so good here except me,
I just look shocked. 

One with my phone. :) 

& more shots. with the models

Guess what was I doing? LOL
being vain at the top of a hill.
not everyday I get to do that pls. 
Plus, with such good view

I really like how we all end up bringing the same color themed garments.
Heres Jules wearing her picnic blanket, LOL.

Panorama from my phone.
I like how this one turned out :)
Click to enlarge!

shot from the higher end of the peak. 

 yeah, we just couldnt stop.

eventually we were all just so busy taking photos. 
except Jules,
she was tired and hungry.

Behold! the selfies! 

WE MADE IT!!! :)  

That calbee cup fries is SO YUM. 

 A lil last look of the scenery before we proceed to more hiking!

gorgeous flare that is much easier to do with a phone. YAY 5s! 

Okay Im good to go! 

" from this moment on, my butt will be considered my 5th limb " 

Enthusiastic photographer with no fears.
I got shivers just looking at the places he stands to take his shots. 

Yah whos underestimating me and my beautiful manicure now?!

The helpful Sir Jim.
I love how much this photo says :)

Jules, before she lost her enthusiasm LOL

Posing posing. Dont think I dont know ya Jim :P 

& Yen, the all hiking no monkey business lady. 

Taking a break again. So tired. HAHHHH.
and also cos I looked ahead,

"are we there yet??"

I swear all I kept thinking was,
"how do we even manage to go all the way up there???"

And approaching one of the most scariest parts of the hike.
like seriously too scary.

I'm trying really hard to get the perspective in pictures,
But its really 10 times more scarier in real life.

Maybe the pic below gives a better idea.

According to my friends, they said that the previous time they came,
there were more texture and bumps of rock for us to hold on to while climbing.
& now it seems that most of the steps were missing causing the gaps between steps to become really steep and difficult.
& for this obstacle, its just so slippery and steep that I can imagine myself just sliding off and losing balance at the fall.

See the tree at the left?
That tree is like a saviour.
I reached out to grab it and took a leap hoping I don't miss the hold.
I could say, I was pretty lucky and #yolo bout it.

and for a 
A few people died here recently.
at this spot

News here and here


But the view is such a comforting sight.
Kept reminding me why Im doing this.
Kept making me feel so thankful I am able to survive this.

// 365 Grateful - Day 4 
Never in my previous lifestyle have I thought I'd ever do this again after high school.

endless hikes up steep areas like this. 

Jules taking a lil look at how far she came :)

I love this shot. The lake looks magnificent.
I wonder if I can visit this one day?

These are the moss that we found higher up the hill.
Its really actually a very close up shot.
I think this looks like a fantasy trail from wonderland or something 

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention,
If you actually sit down at the flat lands with lil pebbles around,
You'd actually find tiny lil crystals if you're lucky enough.

I found a few with Jules.
really tiny though! 

here u go, my very awkward crystal lion LOL!
so ugly ahahaha


I found these pretty odd looking flowers at the top of one of the peaks.
I never saw flowers like these.
Sorry. Very underexposed city girl.
But hey! Im working on it! :)

Here comes the second most frightening climbs of the journey.
We weren't even close to doing downwards yet ya.

While we were at it, everyone else was already at the other side chilling.
yeah. I'm like what? we're going there from here??!

Picture time while waiting for Jim to get Jules over. :) 

Hahah I like how this one looks so photoshopped. 

My face was melting away. 
& my phone batteries were depleting.
Everyone was exhausted.
So pictures were decreasing as we approached the downward trail.

Also, my shoes were tearing apart bit by bit.
The trail down was all mud and roots.
I could see how trees were holding together the hill itself.
The roots were our only balance and grip.

But I was so tired by then, most of the time Jules and I were just sliding down with our butts.
Yes, I ended up with a muddy bum
& Jules had a hole in her leggings. LOL

Im glad I saved the last percentage on my phone for this photo.
We finally made it down!!!
Felt like a forever downward slope!

aaaanddd, my entire pair of shoes are just...gone.
game over. habis. "wan yun" (cantonse)

So it was time to say goodbye.
no point bringing home broken, dirty and cannot be saved shoes right?

Thankyou for being with me halfway up.
You did your best my 5 year old shoes LOL

and last but not least,
my souvenirs from the hike.

Severely injured knees.
The huge bump on my left knee was actually so swollen it affected my climb a lil.
I had problems exerting energy to step upwards.

It was an amazing experience nevertheless.
I would definitely go back again.
Probably more ready, healthy and fit the next time :)

To end this post, heres a behind the scenes done by my friends.

Crystal Hill | BEHIND THE SCENE from Right Click Production on Vimeo.

Photo & Video credits to RightClickProductions
(the ones with the obvious nice color moods)

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