Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Forgiveness is a blessing

Its a Monday night, & I am finally lifted off all my stress load from Uni work.

I guess these are one of those nights where I sit here, berry scented candles lit, enjoying the night breeze with windows open & listening to a slow blissful playlist. This is when I dive into the deepest parts of my heart, smile, because I feel so happy and thankful.

Life's been changing so drastically for me since the past year. I have lost so many along the way previously due to dramatic spins of misunderstandings and selfishness.

I finally took hold of my life since. I began taking the initiative to mend all the broken relationships, confessing and apologising. Why? because forgiveness doesn't ever hurt, apologies only heals. Its like taking off the arrow from the wound & finally letting it close and recover.
We can all just smile and be happy again. I don't see why it would be anything difficult to just let go of the ego, and apologise, let bygones be bygones because I treasure the good times more than anything.

I cannot believe the amount of friends and family bonds that I were able to mend with just that in mind. & most of all I can't believe the relief and happiness that came with it. All it took was a brave step to text them, write them a letter or something to say that I missed them, and that they I believed the relationship was not worth letting go over something so petty. Most of the time people just don't take the time to mend things, they'd rather run away from the pain, but at the same time it remains because a small part inside there was a broken something.

At the same time, I'd also say somethings are better left to go their own ways. They key to letting go is forgiveness as well. Finally truly letting it go and not letting it bother me anymore.

I finally understood the beauty of life, the value of happiness that no money could buy. The feeling of having no hate, no anger and no hurt in me.

There's just so much temporary happiness that this life offers, we tend to forget that true release from the jails of our pain is acceptance, and moving on. & I guess I just thought it would be nice to share how its miraculously beautiful.

So right this moment Im feeling so happy and contented that all the people I love are close to my heart. & honestly, nothing would be able to replace that.

This is to all my beloved friends, family and boyfriend.
I am gonna love all of you, til the end of time. :) 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY Gel Nail Removal Tutorial

I was ranting to my girlfriend yesterday that my gel nails are finally tearing off.
Why did I say finally?

LOL, if u have read my post before Christmas 2013, 
you'd know that I had my nails done for RM150.

thats partly the reason why I didn't have it removed
until yesterday.  

I am so impressed at the staying power of the gel nails omg.
They're shining bright like diamonds til very their last moment.
& when my girl asked "gel nails have to go remove at saloon right? can't take off by yourself" 

I realised I shud share this at one go..
I remove my gel nails by myself.

Not something I wanna be very proud of, but because

1. I usually leave them on so long that they start to peel off horribly.
2. I don't want to get another manicure right after removal.
3. Im so lazy to go all the way to just remove the nails.

although IF you're not like me, and u plan to keep your nails gorgeous after removal.
I recommend to please go to an expert because,
look at my nails, I peeled the gel off so hard they're already broken.
If yours are still gorgeous, don't be barbaric like me.

This is only for when U really just wanna get them gels off.
Ok lets get started.

A picture of my nails condition after my finals.

I was carrying desktops up 2 floors to and fro.
I broke most of my nails. *sulk

These are what u need.

The stuff on the table.

- Aluminium Foil

- Cotton pad/balls
- Nail polish remover 
(Recommended : pure Acetone) 
- Nail File
- Cuticle stick
(Recommended: orange wood stick)

Ok, first step, file the surface of your gel nails til the shiny layer is gone. 

See the matte whitish surface? yeah. keep going at it til its all gone.

Pour the nail polish remover (acetone) on cotton, 
and place it on the nail.

Wrap it up with the foil tightly and seal the bottom
this is to make sure it soaks the nails and doesn't dry up too fast.

Leave it on for about 2 minutes. 

Remove the foil and quickly grab the cuticle pusher (orange stick) 

Im using a metal one because thats all I have.
Its not recommended because metal versions are quite hard and it'll damage your nails. 
if ur like me & don't care, it does the job.

start carving out the gel nails
 scrape it repetitively as much as u can remove, until it doesn't budge anymore.
You would've removed most of it by now.

if there's still a layer left, file it gently with the nail file again at the surface
be cautious not to accidentally file onto the top of your nails.
once you covered the surface, 
put the foil + cotton with nail polish remover on again & soak.

Repeat 2 or 3 times til it all comes off and TADA! you're done.
No need to waste money dy.

Incase u did a horrible job,
just cover up with a layer or transparent polish,
and grow out the nails.

Hope the post was helpful! :)

Have an awesome sunday everyone!


By the way, I have a new logo for my copyright, if u noticed.
I did this for my portfolio project
& Im working on implementing this as my header design.

Do let me know what you think of it?
Do you prefer my VicKaythrine text? 

Monday, 10 February 2014

To the good feels.

Today's been a pretty spontaneous day.

I was supposed to do something for Valentines with my Boyf & some friends.
But life, as we all know it, is unpredictable as ever.

So it all got postponed. Yes, of course I was disappointed.
However, that also gives me no reason to be mad at anyone.
Did u know that bad feelings could damage our health?
Which leads to my lil topic today that bad feelings, should be avoided if unecessary. 

Did u know that bad feelings could damage our health?
Well yes, now you know.

One of my bestest buddies just lost his relationship today.
Yes, 4 freaking days away from Valentines.
& for a petty reason.

I feel honestly disappointed how unappreciative people can get.

& no, not blaming anyone for being so.
Its really not an easy journey, learning to appreciate.

Long story short,
A lil advice to all the couples out there.

Cherish every little sweet thoughtful thing 
your partner does for you.

Because whatever that someone does for you, 
without a condition of anything in return, is a blessing.

Cheers to a healthier relationships this year.
Throw all the bad thoughts away.
Dont let them get to you.
Dont let them use you
to ruin the beautiful blessings you have. 


On a brighter note,
In compliments on healthy relationships,
Lets also eat healthy! 
I discovered a really notable cafe today.
They serve healthy food with no artificial flavorings, MSG and preservatives.
They also have organic ingredients in most of their food selections.

Got to check it out if u have not.
I would've never came across this place if my friend hadn't brought me.

Can't blame me, its all the way in Bandar Sri Damansara @ Ativo Plaza.

Anyways, these are what I had. 

This delicious bowl of crazy combinations..
When I ordered, all I knew was that they used this healthy alternative BeeHoon
namely RBH which means Red Bee Hoon.
According to my friend/waitress, its one of their best sellers.
So I ordered, this is RBH Siam Style.
they also have it in several other cooking styles.
(go check it out yourself yah.) 

& how did it taste?
The Satay had its own peanut sauce, which was mostly sweet, much sweeter than the ones I usually get at the Satay Stalls.
But it was good, for something that has no extra flavorings and stuff.
The meat was tender, with a lovely texture.

The Prawns, I reckon its Soy Sauce Prawns, 
The sauce was really good, I have no idea how they do it but OMG YUM.
Maybe organic soy sauce? LOL
Awesome prawns.
(did u know you can actually eat prawn shells as well? They're a good source of nutrition )

As for the RBH, it was really quite tasteless, especially if you're expecting it to be exactly like the fried Beehoon we usually get from restaurants and kopitiams, nope.
Do keep in mind though, its much healthier!
They put a generous amount of egg strips and vegetables inside, 
plus the onions quite make up for the taste. 
(If you love raw onions, awh yum!!)

This one here, is my friend's Prawn & Guacamole Burger.

Firstly, look at that. SO gorgeously done.
okay, one really huge plus point to this one is that the Prawn Patty,
when he bit into it, he showed me the glorious amount of (super no joke real) prawns inside.
I was impressed! So worth the price.
How often do you actually see the prawn in the patties.

The potatoes side, was really delicious!
Once again, no idea how they cook these with no additional flavorings and stuff.
but it sure is awesome. 

The bread! oh the bread I gotta mention this.
It tastes like the bun of the Chinese Pau!!!
Really!! lol

Pic below for a sneak peek inside. :D
(yes, I smothered fingerprints all over his sandwich) 

& for Drinks, 

 I ordered Green Tea Latte.
Oh I got to note this,
the waitress here is so so attentive, informative and sweet,

Nothing beats having waiters/waitresses that really cares about their customers.

She made sure to ask if I'd like red beans in my latte.
& OMG I am sooo thankful cos I would've hated to have red beans. 

& this is my friend's Hot Chocolate Latte.
Which tastes super rich and wooooh! awesome.
The waitress also made sure to ask if we'd like it as Soy Chocolate Latte,
Or just the normal option.

So much love and care to make sure our orders are done right.
They also explain their menu quite well,
Unlike most places where the servers don't have any idea what they're even selling. 

 Here's a shot of the interior. 
Really cosy and nice.
Love the abundance of cushion seats available! 

& the bar looks really clean and professional.

So if you're looking for good alternatives for your meals, come and get some healthy options here.

(& you can trust me on this cos I am doing an honest personal review here) 

Vickie never lies. 

Oh yes, and I found this a little too hilarious.

" What did the poor chicken do to have its balls fried? "

& also, home made potatoes. (at the top)
I gotta check that out. 

&&& another place I went with my parents today is
Tang Pin Kitchen @ SS2.

This place has been around for some time la.
But I never really hang out at SS2 area,
& this place is majority filled with older folks.
Must be cos they serve really good traditional Hainan food (& such) here.

My dad was really cute cos he overheard and aunty mentioning they sell

I was so curious when he said that so I quickly tagged along to try it out.
Turns out I dont think theres such thing la.
Daddy must've heard wrongly.
Gotta work on your eavesdropping skills dad. LOL

hahahaha anyways, I did try their signature Tau Fu Fa.
It was really good! One of the best I had in KL la at least.
& given that its only served cold,
the texture is super smooth. Very nicely done
Best part of it must be the sugar because Mom said the sugar they used 
are the ones in the Malacca Chendols. The "gula Melaka" type.

Heres how it looks. 

They give so much of the thick sugar syrup, 
You just cant complain there's not enough. LOL

Oh but do make sure to order brown sugar if you'd like this ya.
They have other options in Almond syrup or white sugar.

Mini Gyoza's.
The filling is really delish.
Im not a fan of ginger strips, but it tastes awesome with the black vinegar itself.
Gotta have! 

And this, don't bite it while its freshly served.
but so good.

Soft silky Chee Cheong Fun on the outside,
Crispy fried fish paste skin in the middle,
& yummy chewy fish paste inside
(the hot part) 
& the sauce doesnt overwhelm the flavor, 
instead it just compliments the tasteless Chee Cheong Fun.

I like! :)

They also serve noodles and fried porridge etc here.
Their signature is their improvised Mee Pok,
& dry noodles mixed with some pork lard,
tastes soooo good
yet so sinful.
Luckily the portion is pretty small,
so no harm trying some yah?

& thats all for today's post.
Have a nice week ahead!

I also promised to do a little makeup tutorial once my semester is over
Do send me suggestions of what you'd like to read!
I'd be glad to hear from you!...if I actually have readers. idk :(


Thursday, 6 February 2014

8 ways to a better self this CNY #HuatAh!

Firstly, I shouldn't be doing a blog post right now

coz I have approximately two more classes 'til final submission for my assignments.
But I feel awfully incomplete because I've been on hiatus for way too long.
So I figured why not just do a quick one right?

Why not.... (I know well enough why not. pfft) 

Anyways, it's officially a new year again, for the Chinese blood in me.
Its the year of the Horse. & according to a post by my friend, its a super lucky year for Goats...such as myself.
Not sure how true it is.

My idea is, since its a new year, 
Lemme share a few (silly) tips on how my cheapskate ways may be helpful in making your new year a more "HUAT" year, maybe not $$$wise but morally, spiritually wise? 

People are becoming higher maintenance by the second,
I swear I don't remember meeting this much #RICH people in my life when I was younger.
I can't confirm if its because I probably live under a rock,
or that the society is just seriously obsessed with being super wasteful, overindulgent and ignorant? high maintenance?

In 2014's Malaysia, all we had was news of price hikes, currency value depreciations,
& the ever concern of the never increasing salaries.
How to survive??? Be cheapskate la.

Here's 8 random cheapskate facts about me. 
ya, cos Chinese girl in me says that if wanna "huat" we must do everything also in 8. 

(8 rhymes with "huat" in mandarin, which also means to "prosper" ) 

I always always reuse nice drink bottles,
I keep them in my bag and bring it home to reuse.

Why? because seriously,
Why buy bottles when we come across so many of them 
buying drinks at 711 and such? 

Its not good to reuse the cheap thin ones!
(from the soya bean stall and stuff)
& never put boiling hot water into plastic bottles.

Yeah as u can see I also got myself a Starbucks tumbler cos its pretty, limited edition and I can reuse like 1000 times for any hot tea. PLUS get a RM2 rebate everytime I buy coffee. #gooddeal 

I use products sparingly.
(this includes Shampoos, Face wash, moisturisers, toners etc) 

Which is why 
I am such a big fan of this magical KONJAC SPONGE,
which can be found in Sasa,
just a 10 cents size of face wash is enough to bubble up and clean perfectly.
&! it exfoliates gently as well.
Double benefit YEH!

In the pic above I'm using Hada Labo's foaming face wash. 
So its like foam + double foam after I squeeze it a lil. 
Yes, its super clean despite the tiny amount of soap. 

& another handy tip,
the next time your hair is so dirty 
that your shampoo just doesn't foam up,
rinse it off,
and wash again with lesser shampoo, just to clean it better.
It works more than washing once with loads and loads of shampoo. 
*trust me


All it takes is general knowledge & creativity.
+ patience and awesome search skills using Google.com

Yes, cut out denim shirts are crazy over priced since it was in trend.
A simple, decent (not very denim) shirt costs at least RM90+ ?! what?

and also had a project with my friend where we made Dip dyed shorts 
(when it was in trend before)
that were selling at about RM150++ in Topshop.

& now I can wear these to parties & raves without worrying I'd damage them.

PS: who needs brands when we have brains?

I hardly call.

Like seriously, look at my phone records. 
Its thursday & my last call was Tuesday. LOL

No reason to call so often when text & voice messaging apps are so advanced,
Plus we get to spam with no additional costs. 

I hate wasting tissue paper.

Whenever I visit the ladies room, I always see these people pulling tissue paper like they need a 1 inch stack to just wipe their butts? 

Do we really need that much tissue paper? 

& I can't stand it when people don't open up tissue papers and use them thoroughly,
I mean, are u really gonna wipe your mouth with just the outer surface and then throw the whole entire tissue paper away?!?

Here, let me show you how to use a standard piece of napkin PROPERLY. 

5 times, you can wipe your freaking mouth 5 times with this small lil piece of tissue paper. 
& dare you ask me not to slap a person when they misuse & waste tissues. Grr. 

I maximise the value and practicality while shopping
I spend so much time at discount sales its not even funny.
Average time I spend in a shop is about 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Also I tend to buy clothes that can be mixed and matched around,
so I literally get 5 outfits with one piece of clothing that kind of thing

Like seriously, this skirt only cost me Rm10.
& I can travel the world with it. (almost)Literally. 

I do not believe in detours.

I take so much time planning my route to make sure its the most practical way.
I also don't make my friends detour for me.

& I don't get upset if its really inconvenient for someone to fetch me,
I would meet them halfway, or go to their house, then drive from their place. & this principle works vice versa.
You happy, I happy, everyone happy ! 

Last but not least,

I am so so unwasteful when using water its like some severe OCD.
I can not stand it when people leave the tap on when they're not using it. or any water source.
I would personally go there and turn it off.
When I shower I shampoo my hair and wash my body at one go, then wash it all off.
So I save washing twice and wasting double amount of water.
Sometimes I also brush my teeth, and then wash my face, then rinse and wash off at once.
GENIUS right?

Okay okay, 
I'll put it this way,
Lets all just remember to appreciate everything a lil more,
just because we have an abundance of it doesn't mean we can waste, 
because somewhere out there someone would kill to have just one bit of what we have,
and secondly, rich people really DON'T have all the fun.
There are so much things that money can't buy,
and money can only bring us this far. (like... this, but better & more. get it?)

Lets just put hiking as an example (refer to my hiking post
Just because you can get a helicopter and get to the top without breaking a sweat, or your manicure,
doesn't mean you can buy the experience we had climbing up step by step, rock by rock.
infact you can never buy it. ever. 
the bittersweet bruises and cuts, never. 

I remember in kindy, my teacher said one thing that was etched in my head forever.
"Remember to always remember not to waste, because everything is a blessing" 

SO lets all listen to Vickie and be a better, wiser person this Horse year yah?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!