Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Forgiveness is a blessing

Its a Monday night, & I am finally lifted off all my stress load from Uni work.

I guess these are one of those nights where I sit here, berry scented candles lit, enjoying the night breeze with windows open & listening to a slow blissful playlist. This is when I dive into the deepest parts of my heart, smile, because I feel so happy and thankful.

Life's been changing so drastically for me since the past year. I have lost so many along the way previously due to dramatic spins of misunderstandings and selfishness.

I finally took hold of my life since. I began taking the initiative to mend all the broken relationships, confessing and apologising. Why? because forgiveness doesn't ever hurt, apologies only heals. Its like taking off the arrow from the wound & finally letting it close and recover.
We can all just smile and be happy again. I don't see why it would be anything difficult to just let go of the ego, and apologise, let bygones be bygones because I treasure the good times more than anything.

I cannot believe the amount of friends and family bonds that I were able to mend with just that in mind. & most of all I can't believe the relief and happiness that came with it. All it took was a brave step to text them, write them a letter or something to say that I missed them, and that they I believed the relationship was not worth letting go over something so petty. Most of the time people just don't take the time to mend things, they'd rather run away from the pain, but at the same time it remains because a small part inside there was a broken something.

At the same time, I'd also say somethings are better left to go their own ways. They key to letting go is forgiveness as well. Finally truly letting it go and not letting it bother me anymore.

I finally understood the beauty of life, the value of happiness that no money could buy. The feeling of having no hate, no anger and no hurt in me.

There's just so much temporary happiness that this life offers, we tend to forget that true release from the jails of our pain is acceptance, and moving on. & I guess I just thought it would be nice to share how its miraculously beautiful.

So right this moment Im feeling so happy and contented that all the people I love are close to my heart. & honestly, nothing would be able to replace that.

This is to all my beloved friends, family and boyfriend.
I am gonna love all of you, til the end of time. :) 

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