Sunday, 23 February 2014

DIY Gel Nail Removal Tutorial

I was ranting to my girlfriend yesterday that my gel nails are finally tearing off.
Why did I say finally?

LOL, if u have read my post before Christmas 2013, 
you'd know that I had my nails done for RM150.

thats partly the reason why I didn't have it removed
until yesterday.  

I am so impressed at the staying power of the gel nails omg.
They're shining bright like diamonds til very their last moment.
& when my girl asked "gel nails have to go remove at saloon right? can't take off by yourself" 

I realised I shud share this at one go..
I remove my gel nails by myself.

Not something I wanna be very proud of, but because

1. I usually leave them on so long that they start to peel off horribly.
2. I don't want to get another manicure right after removal.
3. Im so lazy to go all the way to just remove the nails.

although IF you're not like me, and u plan to keep your nails gorgeous after removal.
I recommend to please go to an expert because,
look at my nails, I peeled the gel off so hard they're already broken.
If yours are still gorgeous, don't be barbaric like me.

This is only for when U really just wanna get them gels off.
Ok lets get started.

A picture of my nails condition after my finals.

I was carrying desktops up 2 floors to and fro.
I broke most of my nails. *sulk

These are what u need.

The stuff on the table.

- Aluminium Foil

- Cotton pad/balls
- Nail polish remover 
(Recommended : pure Acetone) 
- Nail File
- Cuticle stick
(Recommended: orange wood stick)

Ok, first step, file the surface of your gel nails til the shiny layer is gone. 

See the matte whitish surface? yeah. keep going at it til its all gone.

Pour the nail polish remover (acetone) on cotton, 
and place it on the nail.

Wrap it up with the foil tightly and seal the bottom
this is to make sure it soaks the nails and doesn't dry up too fast.

Leave it on for about 2 minutes. 

Remove the foil and quickly grab the cuticle pusher (orange stick) 

Im using a metal one because thats all I have.
Its not recommended because metal versions are quite hard and it'll damage your nails. 
if ur like me & don't care, it does the job.

start carving out the gel nails
 scrape it repetitively as much as u can remove, until it doesn't budge anymore.
You would've removed most of it by now.

if there's still a layer left, file it gently with the nail file again at the surface
be cautious not to accidentally file onto the top of your nails.
once you covered the surface, 
put the foil + cotton with nail polish remover on again & soak.

Repeat 2 or 3 times til it all comes off and TADA! you're done.
No need to waste money dy.

Incase u did a horrible job,
just cover up with a layer or transparent polish,
and grow out the nails.

Hope the post was helpful! :)

Have an awesome sunday everyone!


By the way, I have a new logo for my copyright, if u noticed.
I did this for my portfolio project
& Im working on implementing this as my header design.

Do let me know what you think of it?
Do you prefer my VicKaythrine text? 

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