Monday, 10 February 2014

To the good feels.

Today's been a pretty spontaneous day.

I was supposed to do something for Valentines with my Boyf & some friends.
But life, as we all know it, is unpredictable as ever.

So it all got postponed. Yes, of course I was disappointed.
However, that also gives me no reason to be mad at anyone.
Did u know that bad feelings could damage our health?
Which leads to my lil topic today that bad feelings, should be avoided if unecessary. 

Did u know that bad feelings could damage our health?
Well yes, now you know.

One of my bestest buddies just lost his relationship today.
Yes, 4 freaking days away from Valentines.
& for a petty reason.

I feel honestly disappointed how unappreciative people can get.

& no, not blaming anyone for being so.
Its really not an easy journey, learning to appreciate.

Long story short,
A lil advice to all the couples out there.

Cherish every little sweet thoughtful thing 
your partner does for you.

Because whatever that someone does for you, 
without a condition of anything in return, is a blessing.

Cheers to a healthier relationships this year.
Throw all the bad thoughts away.
Dont let them get to you.
Dont let them use you
to ruin the beautiful blessings you have. 


On a brighter note,
In compliments on healthy relationships,
Lets also eat healthy! 
I discovered a really notable cafe today.
They serve healthy food with no artificial flavorings, MSG and preservatives.
They also have organic ingredients in most of their food selections.

Got to check it out if u have not.
I would've never came across this place if my friend hadn't brought me.

Can't blame me, its all the way in Bandar Sri Damansara @ Ativo Plaza.

Anyways, these are what I had. 

This delicious bowl of crazy combinations..
When I ordered, all I knew was that they used this healthy alternative BeeHoon
namely RBH which means Red Bee Hoon.
According to my friend/waitress, its one of their best sellers.
So I ordered, this is RBH Siam Style.
they also have it in several other cooking styles.
(go check it out yourself yah.) 

& how did it taste?
The Satay had its own peanut sauce, which was mostly sweet, much sweeter than the ones I usually get at the Satay Stalls.
But it was good, for something that has no extra flavorings and stuff.
The meat was tender, with a lovely texture.

The Prawns, I reckon its Soy Sauce Prawns, 
The sauce was really good, I have no idea how they do it but OMG YUM.
Maybe organic soy sauce? LOL
Awesome prawns.
(did u know you can actually eat prawn shells as well? They're a good source of nutrition )

As for the RBH, it was really quite tasteless, especially if you're expecting it to be exactly like the fried Beehoon we usually get from restaurants and kopitiams, nope.
Do keep in mind though, its much healthier!
They put a generous amount of egg strips and vegetables inside, 
plus the onions quite make up for the taste. 
(If you love raw onions, awh yum!!)

This one here, is my friend's Prawn & Guacamole Burger.

Firstly, look at that. SO gorgeously done.
okay, one really huge plus point to this one is that the Prawn Patty,
when he bit into it, he showed me the glorious amount of (super no joke real) prawns inside.
I was impressed! So worth the price.
How often do you actually see the prawn in the patties.

The potatoes side, was really delicious!
Once again, no idea how they cook these with no additional flavorings and stuff.
but it sure is awesome. 

The bread! oh the bread I gotta mention this.
It tastes like the bun of the Chinese Pau!!!
Really!! lol

Pic below for a sneak peek inside. :D
(yes, I smothered fingerprints all over his sandwich) 

& for Drinks, 

 I ordered Green Tea Latte.
Oh I got to note this,
the waitress here is so so attentive, informative and sweet,

Nothing beats having waiters/waitresses that really cares about their customers.

She made sure to ask if I'd like red beans in my latte.
& OMG I am sooo thankful cos I would've hated to have red beans. 

& this is my friend's Hot Chocolate Latte.
Which tastes super rich and wooooh! awesome.
The waitress also made sure to ask if we'd like it as Soy Chocolate Latte,
Or just the normal option.

So much love and care to make sure our orders are done right.
They also explain their menu quite well,
Unlike most places where the servers don't have any idea what they're even selling. 

 Here's a shot of the interior. 
Really cosy and nice.
Love the abundance of cushion seats available! 

& the bar looks really clean and professional.

So if you're looking for good alternatives for your meals, come and get some healthy options here.

(& you can trust me on this cos I am doing an honest personal review here) 

Vickie never lies. 

Oh yes, and I found this a little too hilarious.

" What did the poor chicken do to have its balls fried? "

& also, home made potatoes. (at the top)
I gotta check that out. 

&&& another place I went with my parents today is
Tang Pin Kitchen @ SS2.

This place has been around for some time la.
But I never really hang out at SS2 area,
& this place is majority filled with older folks.
Must be cos they serve really good traditional Hainan food (& such) here.

My dad was really cute cos he overheard and aunty mentioning they sell

I was so curious when he said that so I quickly tagged along to try it out.
Turns out I dont think theres such thing la.
Daddy must've heard wrongly.
Gotta work on your eavesdropping skills dad. LOL

hahahaha anyways, I did try their signature Tau Fu Fa.
It was really good! One of the best I had in KL la at least.
& given that its only served cold,
the texture is super smooth. Very nicely done
Best part of it must be the sugar because Mom said the sugar they used 
are the ones in the Malacca Chendols. The "gula Melaka" type.

Heres how it looks. 

They give so much of the thick sugar syrup, 
You just cant complain there's not enough. LOL

Oh but do make sure to order brown sugar if you'd like this ya.
They have other options in Almond syrup or white sugar.

Mini Gyoza's.
The filling is really delish.
Im not a fan of ginger strips, but it tastes awesome with the black vinegar itself.
Gotta have! 

And this, don't bite it while its freshly served.
but so good.

Soft silky Chee Cheong Fun on the outside,
Crispy fried fish paste skin in the middle,
& yummy chewy fish paste inside
(the hot part) 
& the sauce doesnt overwhelm the flavor, 
instead it just compliments the tasteless Chee Cheong Fun.

I like! :)

They also serve noodles and fried porridge etc here.
Their signature is their improvised Mee Pok,
& dry noodles mixed with some pork lard,
tastes soooo good
yet so sinful.
Luckily the portion is pretty small,
so no harm trying some yah?

& thats all for today's post.
Have a nice week ahead!

I also promised to do a little makeup tutorial once my semester is over
Do send me suggestions of what you'd like to read!
I'd be glad to hear from you!...if I actually have readers. idk :(


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