Monday, 17 March 2014

Future Music Festival Asia, The Story Part 1

The 3 days I've been anticipating 6 Months for,

and. to be honest.
the weather his not being very nice at all.

KL's haze rate is rising,
and as much as I am hoping it subsides by day 1,
it isn't happening.
I got curious, so I decided to check the Air Quality Index.
and. here's how it looks like.

& I silently told myself,
its okay Vickie,
Your lungs will survive this because...
at least u don't smoke. 

Well, the party goes on, nevertheless.
& my girl and I are THRILLED!!

I will be listening to DJ's that I love sooo much!!

Personally, I am super thrilled about R3HAB and Adventure Club. 
Just really really big big fans of all their music.

we've planned out our outfits for the 3 safari days.
with consideration of the dancing rates,
and also making sure it'll all be very different each day.

I just can't wait to remember this forever!
it will be SO AWESOME that it's historical.

yeah, EDM-historical.
Day one, we're gonna be sister leopards.
I'm the safari leopard & my darling's the snow leopard.

& those are not arm fats, they're biceps. pfft. 


and why are we taking pictures at the entrance 
instead of barging our way in?

because what better way to start day 1 than to leave our ID cards with our friend.
whom is now at the VIP entrance.

Lucky us, we had amazing friends that entered and met up to get our ID's for us.

so meanwhile,

Im just gonna take a picture with my precious precious ticket. 

AAAAND we got in! :D

don't ask me why I had to cross my legs so far til I stepped on her feet. :(
I have no idea.
probably losing balance being tipsy.

Picture with Mr.Awesome pawsome. 

I think I went around #selfie bombing everyone.
But its okay
Its a music festival
Everyone is picture ready! 
& extra happy. 

Asahi, best freaking beer ever.

Hello hello! Leopard sistahs are hyped!

Mr Joseph Germani, local youtuber. HELLO! 

ANTP Melissa :)

Im so short.gah.

OMG I literally jumped in joy when I saw him.
JACK SPARROW lookalike!

Must must must take a photo.

Ps: I actually made one of the workers that were picking up beer cans to help me take this photo.
Not bad right??

JesssicaaaaaaaTinggg!!!! :) 

been too long since we've met!

Pictures in the indoor dome.
because it started drizzling.

Mr. Awesome again.

Pardon the bad quality.

No camera, just Iphone.

This injection looking neon light. I like. 

& for the entire night people were stopping us Leopards for pictures.

I could've easily gotten hundreds if I charged for every picture.

But I think the compliment was priceless.

Thankyou for appreciating our efforts 

& seriously? I LOVE the friendliness of everyone in Music Festivals.

No other intentions, just pure sharing of happiness & love for music

Sir Viraphol. I should'nt have flashed this photo.

But hey, he looks great here, no? 

Partying with my boyfriend's friends because he's not cool enough.

Gorgeous people. <3 <3 

More Selfies because WE ARE HAPPY!

Fab Queen Mary!!! :)

Spent almost 15 Minutes trying to find my BFF.
But its all worth it.
because I love her <3 


We Stand for <3 

Exploiting all the photo opportunities we have.
Free Deadmau5 looking Lollipop!

aaand, my phone battery drained out.

No fear, Its not the end yet,

Here's the compilation of my VLOG!
Pictures just don't say enough!!!

Hoping to find all the photographs I've taken with everyone that was there!

Please comment and leave a link to the pictures of us!

Do you remember seeing me?

Oh, don't miss my post on Day2, ASOT650KL!

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