Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Future Music Festival Asia - The Story Part 3.

Today, I had my heart broken into tiny little painful pieces.

Dramatic? NO.
I swear I literally sat at the staircases unable to believe it is real.

" cant be..I don't believe!!!... how can they just call it off??" 

The reason why I found it so difficult to fathom this is happening 
is because I was all prepared for the finalè today.
Its my closure.
The completion of a chapter.

This felt like a sudden breakup.
I just can't... can't accept this...

How could you do this to me??

This is my graduation party for goodness sake!! :( 

But u know what makes me stand my ground that the festival is in no wrong?

because look at this...
people that come here are all happy and friendly.
We have no hate, no worries, no boundaries.
there's no racism, discrimination nor disrespect.

All love, all happiness and pure bliss. :)

To me, festivals feels like entering a realm of endless euphoria.
like for that moment in time, the world is at peace,
we are united as one nation and our love is the music,
we feel alive. 

Its really amazing how the music brings people from all walks of life together.
Suddenly we're all the same, 
we're one nation, the music is our language, the love is our energy. 

at festivals I see people help one another without question,
hugs are given endlessly, a helping hand for anyone with difficulties, 
people just don't channel selfishness anymore,
its like all of sudden, we're all so full of love. 

These two gorgeous Japanese babes came all the way just for today,
as u can see
they were waiting to listen to Knife Party.
They told me that their plane only landed last night.

Imagine how much disappointment they experienced?

I recorded this, 
with tears in my eyes.

That voice,
just shattered my heart. 

and poor Derrick was supposed to experience his very first Music festival with me.
coming all the way and seeing it being cancelled,
yet he doesn't even know what to be sad about.

I guess that was the only thing I laughed about for the rest of that day.

Eventually all we had left to do was to say goodbye, and go home.
the entire place looked like a crime scene.

3 people passed away from overdose of a bad batch of drugs,
another 3 was hospitalised.

I never followed the rest of the story, 
Neither do I think its anyone's fault at all

In my opinion, 
We're all responsible of ourselves.
What is the use of blaming anything else for our own negligence?

Be it a festival, or a party, or even a solo drinking session,
anything could kill us if we didn't care about being alive.

I just didn't think everyone else had to pay the price 
because what needed to be taken was already done.

why did they have to incur extra pain to it?

and this, this post by this specific page made me so so angry.

Just the things they wrote itself, accusing of untrue facts,
assumptions and theories of their own.

"kebebasan hidup 100% hanya layak untuk HAIWAN bukan manusia"
that literally translates to say
"full freedom in life is only for ANIMALS and not humans"

No one asked any of those who are unwilling to join.
who made them king to rule anyones lives.
we made our choices, 
so mind your own??

"percampuran bebas tidak kira jantina, agama dan bangsa"
which meant 
"freedom of friendship regardless of gender, religion and race"

which in their words they meant to say that it wasn't good.
so we are supposed to be racist, sexist and religion biased??

I cant even...

and the final one, 
was an accusation saying that 

I didn't think I'd see such ridiculousness.

nevertheless, all the upcoming music festivals or concerts and anything similar as such are completely cancelled in Malaysia.

I guess we're all banned from being happy from now on.

although however, you'd probably still see news of people dying from overdose at their own homes, under the bridge, at abandoned buildings and such.

PS: Forgive my bitterness,
I am just trying to state my point of view in all these. 

Music festivals are not of evil.
there are mistakes everyday.
Perhaps education is better than banning?

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