Tuesday, 11 March 2014

FMFA, The Prep List.

Approximately 6 months ago, my darling girl and I
 queued up at the front of Gardens' Rock Corner to grab 
limited Pre-Launch 3-Day Passes for the biggest event of the year, FMFA for only RM98.

yea. I KNOW. RM 98!!!
worth it all. (We sat on the floor waiting in queue for almost 2 hours ++ )

I've been anticipating for this 3 crazy days eversince.

Its been my motivation to complete my assignments. and to do it well
so I can celebrate life at this.

& I just cannot believe its just two sleeps away now. 

From my music festival experience in the past year, 
Theres just quite a few things I always make sure beforehand
Just so I could fully have an amazing time.
Call me overly concerned, but I just cant let small mistakes ruin my entire night. 

& I really want everyone who reads this to have an amazing time as well :)


Musically Ready : Know it. 

I think this is the first and foremost, very important thing to do.
Even when you know like one or two songs from them through radio / youtube,
its really way better to go search up their albums, mixes and
 be familiar cos when the song you know plays, 
its really awesome.

Trust me, it changes the experience a whole lot!

Substantial Substances : My take on what to take/ not take. 

Pre Drink. The most lasting tipsy I had was from a bottle or Soju. I mean seriously. It lasted through an entire night of Avicii & was still going on after.

I'd say drink enough to be a lil tipsy, 
but don't get drunk, start puking all over & spoil your own fun? 

Anyways, the tip here is just to party sensibly
take very good care especially if you're a girl! 

Dresscode : Fashionable & Fun

take it from me & my partner-in-party, 
comfort & style CAN find a way to work together.
I spent literally weeks planning out my outfit theme 
& making sure it looks good 
and also feels great in the crazy heat & crowd.

I'd recommend girls to seriously wear a bikini inside instead of the usual bras 
because swimsuit materials dry up faster and is pretty water-resistant as well
So even if someone were to spill some beer on u 
or if it rains, you'll still feel alright.

If you're planning to wear something over as a cover up,
thin chiffon material tops are the best!
They literally dry up in a minute.
& they're really breezy as well.

perfect if u ask me.

if you don't have any, you can also put on a loose tank top, or cropped tee.
anything loose and flowy would be good.

& for guys... well... go topless if you got the body :) or tank tops, t-shirts. 
whatever suits your sweating needs :)

*PS, Please don't go around stealing other people's caps (or anything). Its not nice.

Footwear: Fall Proof

This is definitely one of the make or break of the fun you'll be having that night. 
Imagine trying to dance with a blistered foot. 

I cannot stress it more, please, test the grips and also the staying power of your footwear.

If u get blisters just from walking in it, bad idea. 
Sneakers are great, but they'll get really dirty, 
so if you have to wear one, choose something you can clean up after. 

Sandals are super comfy but they might fly away if you're jumpy like me, 
Or you may get stomped on your feet. 

I'd recommend to get those with a strap at the back. 
They stay better. 

Be nice to your feet!

Essentials : Bring less & have more fun.

Last but not least,

Bring only what you need.

Here's my stash of essentials. 
Guarantees a smooth access during the entrance checks.

& Lastly,

Sleep well, eat well the day before!
Party safe everyone!

Do say hello if you see me at FMFA! :) 

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