Sunday, 20 April 2014

Deep Blue Purple

Apologies for going M.I.A again for weeks!
I was suddenly all crammed up in my schedule. HAH!
I only have a schedule when I get cramped with appointments and to-do's.

As promised before, this is the post where I share my very first #YOLO haircolor.

First things first,
I was hesitant to the maxxxx when I was considering to get this done.
Mainly was because I really didn't want to damage my hair again.
I have a life mission to have them mermaid long!

So the story goes like this.
I was accompanying Sir James while he turned turquoise blue
and he said to me "Vickie, do it. YOLO." 

and it struck me...
that I had to go blue

*dramatic music plays

I sat in that saloon for at least 3 HOURS.
(slight regret)
But when I walked out looking like this...
It was worth it.

This is how it looks when I leave it down normally.
My hair is now 3/4 Black and 1/4 Deep Blue Purple.
Why do I say so?

Because the magic of color mixtures actually turned my hair multicolored.

Week 1, after the first wash.
Important info,
My hair remained completely manageable and soft.
A little fragile while wet at the bleached parts,
but definitely still amazingly healthy. 

To prove my point, I tested its staying power when curled.

Lasted 2 days.

This is the color after approximately 3 weeks & about 5 washes.
Yes. I am now unable to wash my hair as often anymore.
It was a huge sacrifice I had to make, because the color is just too amazing to lose.

Secret to keeping the hair color for a longer time when living in a 
hot and humid place like Malaysia? 

1. Isolated washing.

Lucky me I only have 1/4 of my hair in Blue Purple.
What I do is separate (braid) the purple part up before i shower 
and separate them from the black parts) & then when I wash it with shampoo,
I only fully wet and shampoo the black parts,
and then I lift the color part up while rubbing shampoo at the roots/scalp area only.

Basically I only wash the scalp part of the BluePurple 4/5 times when I wash my hair. 
This way I still have most of the oily & sweaty parts of my scalp clean
but still keep most of the color fresh. 

2. Cold water

I read this in a googled article on maintaining vivid colored hair.
The most important thing to avoid doing is washing with hot water,
this is because it would open up the pores of the hair & the color will be washed out faster.

I put the theory to test and in result?
When I washed my Blue hair, there were at least 80% less colored water flowing out.
Even my towel stained very little.

3. Dry Shampoo.

I literally survive half the time with dry shampoo.
It can be a great use for the part where I don't wash as often.
Spraying some of the shampoo helps freshen up the scent & 
keep the hair clean & fluffy for a longer time. 

So dont fret, the little more effort needed to maintain such a magical color,


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My Muse.

I'm treasuring every peaceful moment I have on weekdays...
Happy relaxing moments where I just reflect back on my life and all of its beauty.
Times like these I feel blessed.

theres nothing more amazing
to realise my life's been filled with amazing muses.
inspiring people that shares my love and passion,
people that make me smile,
just by being around them.

So March hasn't been great.
I went M.I.A and off the grid for the longest #10daysofsilence ever.
But I got to admit, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

I had more time to compose myself and the restriction actually held me back from saying and doing a lot of things that would've been quite unpleasant.


I AM BACK! & slightly more improved this time.

I just thought that I should do this post about how my beloved people inspire me.

Firstly would be my sistah Jules,
Being around her makes me feel that its okay to be overdressed all the time.
& whoever thinks we're weird, we don't need em anyways.
Her amazing fashion sense and coordinating abilities just never cease to inspire me.
Soak up in her stylish vibes at Sundaesins

Jim, this too good looking to be true photographer that took these photos?
yeah well he has a full time job, several part time jobs
and still smilingly welcomed our spontaneous midnight photoshoot request.
& at 12 midnight he comes up with these amazing shots.
Surprise no surprise, he's the co-founder of this new
but very special close to heart photography team.
Right Click Production

& boyfriend... well he basically am my encouragement.
Though I dont admit it to him, I admire his strength, drive and passion to be healthy and fit.
He's the reason I have no excuse to grow old and flabby.
& provides me with sufficient emotional rollercoasters to keep my facial features working.

And at the end of it all I would say that the one most
fashionably and tastefully inspiring person I have in my life so far is Mr.James.
For his courage to be no one less than who he is.
For his amazing collection of shoes at SneakerBoo
The way he has shaped his life around his passion and unique sense of style.
I am blessed to have met and awed by his one-of-a-kind crazy daring everything.

first guy to out Jump-shot me :( 

Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott SS14 Jersey + ZARA Wrap Mini Skort + Duffy the Disney Bear

SUPREME Cap + Vintage Sunnies + Navy Blue

 Turquoise hair by La'Mode Midvalley.

Thank You for sharing with my your extraordinary fashion.
I have never looked so SWAG in my life.

Stay tuned on my next post about Life as a Blue haired pixie.