Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Future Music Festival Asia, The Story Part 2.

Its Day 2 of FMFA.

And all I can say is that the party,

The Party only gets better
because today,


Its ARMIN!!!! I just cannot even put it into words.


This is going to be one EPIC EPIC EPIC EPIC night.

and to go with that,
of course,
my beautiful partner in crime and I have already planned out our looks

we, are ready to trance. 

as pastel rainbow FAIRIES!!!!

Like seriously,
this look just turned out way more gorgeous than expected.

I cannot even believe I single handedly did this. 

My shorts actually started out medium blue.
 & I dyed it to a purple/pink.
somehow it ended up patchy, and I decided to bleach it off.

Turns out the results of my mistakes made an awesome pastel that works with this look!
Im just glad I didnt have to wear a skirt as I actually planned. 

A closer look at my makeup.

Really, I spent a lil too much time doing this. 

To be really honest

I personally LOVE this photograph so much. 

forgive me, its #selfie time. 

Used up my last two polaroids.

Just for memory sake. 

The fairies have arrived to the party grounds.


The Evian seesaw is just tooooo pretty in Pink to not go for it again. 

Photos taken from Evian Malaysia's fb page.

looks oh so candid.
I love candids :D

Kaokao talk was also giving out Free beer vouchers
...that are too pretty to give off after redemption!! 

<3 for their generosity! 

This flash photo turned out prettier than expected.

Sister fairies on the Ferris Wheel!!
(watch my VLOG for the experience!) 

Blinking rainbow bangles were on sale @ 3 for RM10.

I spent all the remainder of my cash right there and then.
Well actually just RM20 worth of stock up.

Was lost and waiting to meet up with my friends again
when suddenly LeeMin found me.
so, #selfie!! 

hahahaha this is one epic photo 
because I met this guy, named Boss, or im not sure how to spell it
at my bf's friend's hostel while playing games
(ref post: here

and he told me he was coming to KL for this.
so we agreed to say HI if we do bump into one another.

I honestly didn't expect to really see him 
walking past me in a crowd of over thousands of people. 

talk about a picture worthy moment!! :) 

and we all just couldn't believe such an amazing night had to end.
Im glad someone suggested to take a group photo before we went our separate ways.

Had a great time with this bunch here.
<3 this moment will forever be in my heart. 

& last but not least, for the clarification of some rumors thats been going on about me not attending FMFA and instead, was ALONE in the room with some guy at the hotel.
I have no idea who u are and what you were trying to achieve by speaking such nonsense 

so here it is, a photograph of me lying halfway on the bed, resting.
after walking back from the enormous bunch of people,
exhausted from the party since 6PM til 2.30AM. 
with my bag still half attached to my body,
my flower crown nicely still intact, 
hair neat, clothes untouched.
photographed with my very own handphone
by my sister fairy as witness.
& also another 5 other people in the room.

we drove home in MY car.
and slept safe, and alone 
on my PINK BED. 

as seen in the picture below. 

So please, if you're a friend, or a recipient of this rumor,
I don't blame you.
Stories get exaggerated and twisted around daily.

take a moment to think,
to stand in my shoes and imagine if you were being accused of something so untrue and straight down disrespectful and damaging.
How hurt would you be?

I do not wish for anything, but only one favor,
to stop spreading and speaking of it any further.

I believe in mutual respect.
As a friend, a stranger, or just as a human alone,
to live and let live.
to mind our own lives.

Last but not least,

VLOG of DAY2. 

Were you there?
Did u see me?

Do say hello!

To those that have taken photos with me,
if you ever find me,
Comment and send me a link to our picture!
I would really wanna see & keep a copy of it!!

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