Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Counting Memories, Not Candles

On the 16th of May,
I was suddenly.. a bigger deal.

I am SUPPOSED to get older la.
Supposed to, doesn't mean I will, doesn't mean I am going to.


Anyways, Le boyf brought me out for a Mexican lunch at Fresca, Gardens.



I'm really sad lah really... I wanna stay young

Oh yea? Please, tell me more about how "old" you are. 

I just had to.
The expressions in our pictures were hilarious.

& Then food came and all conversations were unimportant for then.

"eh? they put snacks in the soup...?" 

My Dish. Chicken in Adobo sauce, Butter Mushroom rice and Vinaigrette Salad.

His..sandwich...again.. with Grilled Chicken and Corn Chips plus a tomato dip. 

Churros with a melted dark choc dip!


Dinner time!

Boyfie got me Lillies??

I admit
I was surprised.
I was very surprised in fact...

Little did I know that my Boyf & BFFs had invited my closest bunch to the restaurant
to surprise me.

I've never been surprised before.
& I am surprised, to be surprised.


Good Job cap. 

This one from Jules <3 


Took up the boyf's gift and I was like
"ehh? so heavy!?"

"what is this...headphones??!"

"no its not headphones its more than that!"


hahahaha but yeah its seriously awesome actually.
Wireless mp3 player headphones.
I can walk around like an ignorant airhead nw.
JUST KIDDING. Pls I'm way better than that. 

"oohoohhoohooo presents!!"

why do I look so ugly lah. who took this photo?!

Someone tell me why nobody told me I was ordering an entire fish for myself?!
yeah, sure, I mean...I always wanted a whole fish to myself... right?

More pictures of my beautiful bouquet of Lillies!!! OMG *tears of joy

& another birthday pic with my forever BFF.

I can't wait for the one where we have our kids with us or sth. 

TOA friends! :)
The true ones that remain <3 

My beautiful artists.
& one that went flying instead. 


Alcohol based because ...who's complaining?

The boys.
Jordan & Boonie.
Thankyou for coming!!! 

The handsome boyfriend who clearly prefers being ugly. 

Always camera ready.

This one got high on... idk what really. 

Group picture!!!

& to further cause nuisance to the ambiance because
HEY its my birthday! 



& between all these happy on the spot memories,

Just let me add a little insight to my feels on this very significant day.
This year, I feel that I've grown fuller as a person.
How so?
As in, I feel that I am less of an empty blank page than before.
On my birthday, instead of completely feeling like it should be me whom is queen,
I felt the need to be with my mother, & to love her for what she did in order for me to not completely ruin my future in my naive days.

I didn't feel like I grew older, but instead,
I think in this one year, I grew better in being myself than I ever did before.
Relationships were mended, and some new ones was created too,
I have more meaningful people in my life, than an abundance of clutter.

Without my friends I wouldn't know how love was capable of expanding this way.
& I am overwhelmed.
You guys, you beautiful girls, showed me how the world is just one beautiful loop of love.
My friends eventually just grew to know one another,
I just can't be happier to say that I now have a gigantic loop of people that I love like candies! 

I got to be myself better now, because I was able to do all I felt was good for me.
I finally understood that life is really all in my own hands.
I became happier because I now can embrace being myself and looking the way I feel.
I didn't have to be anyone else for anybody.
It made me feel more complete than I ever was, 
because I'm in the skin that matches who I am inside.

most of all?

I'm happier inside out than I have ever been.
Im healthier & I eat better as well...
Im finally almost done with college...
I'm travelling more than I had before,
Finally starting work life soon...
Whats next?

well, life has just begun :) 
& I'm not even halfway to growing up yet!
Im excited with what life has to offer.
I just can't wait to keep going!

aaand back to the photos? 

Boyf looks distressed...

Okay better :) Looks like we're getting married.
or... that we're old people at our lil house. LMAO

THANKYOU to this very sweet lady
whom helped out my blurcase boyf with the surprise party!!

Sweet talented handsome Jim <3
Thankyouuu for always being soooo excessively lovely!

My fat brother, who was once slim, you can say
we literally been through "thick and thin" :) 

Selfie camera is one really nice selfie camera.
& did I mention I really love how my hair turned pink suddenly!? 

We went over to Changkat for some drinks and chillings before the night ended.

Boyfriend brought me to this place called "Nagaba" 
he said the Mojito's are really good here.

Boyf looks like a girl here. :( 

Coconut Mojito. The best, if u ask me. 

Passionfruit Mojito, this one's nice, but I don't exactly love it at all. Idk. 

Watermelon Mojito. Refreshing

Jim's very entertained by Jules' expressions I suppose?
Or he had too much Mojito...
Probably the latter. 

I like this one. lots of lip action going on. 

Badaass wannabe.? 

& then we went bar hopping for abit, stopped by Piscos but it was awkwardly unentertaining there. People dancing to weird hipster beats that I don't understand.... hmm.

Walked further up and we ended in the Rabbit Hole.

Oh yay! On the way to wonderland is where I'd like to be on my "unbirthday" :D 

If you don't know what a Merry Unbirthday is..

Jules went to the washroom and she came back saying
"Omg its really nice its really nice we gotta go take pics there"

so we did. 

Somehow my dress turns out to look very "cheongsam" doesn't it?

but I love it. Boyf chose it for me. & it shows off my brand new tatt.

Photos credits to the one and only Jules a.k.a Sundaesins <3

Who else takes such nice OOTD shots?

Another full one because u really cant find me wearing such ladylike clothes often.

& Thats all for my #OOTD pictures.

one last drink everyone! :)
It came with a complimentary snack plate 
which I didn't get to take a picture of because 
the boyf ate most of it before I even went back to the table. 

Tipsy Jimmy says GOODNIGHT ALL!

& yes I'm still 21. ;) 

psst; before I go,



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