Friday, 9 May 2014

Nut Tattoo Studio, Ao Nang Beach @ Krabi, Thailand.

You are now reading my final reveal from my trip up north! :) 

So after the boat trip I had on Day3 in Krabi, Thailand,
I had an appointment with a very talented, well known and superbly sweet tattoo artist, Nut. 

As he confidently swears that he'd never do a tattoo if he has even a drop of alcohol.
Responsibility, the most valuable trait of all.
Especially tattoos where they're permanent & irreversible.

Im not sure if anyone would understand,
but when I meet the artist I like,
Its like this special bond where I just KNOW if thats the artist I want to let tattoo me.

I walked around the entire Ao Nang area and I swear there are so many tattoo parlors 
but when I browsed their work it was just crazy detailed, 
but not exactly what I was going for right now.

Going into Nut's studio,
First thing I saw was his artworks,
It had various styles ranging from simple but intricate ones,
to huge elaborate designs.

I liked that he could cater to such diverse styles.

So it all happened on Day 2
we visited the studio to decide on the tattoo and also the pricing. 

Go visit him!! He's an amazing artist, and person! :)

It was pretty much planned, but also spontaneous?

Lets just put it this way,
I had it on my wishlist that my next tattoo would be related to freedom.
A feather, an owl, a swallow or a dreamcatcher.
They were all related to feather, and flying.
After discussing with my the boyf,
I decided to go with a feather, because it was the purest way of representing freedom.

In dreams feathers meanings point to travel or the ability to move more freely in life. White feathers in dreams indicate innocence or a fresh start in a spiritual sense.

In my polynesian tattoo design, the symbols represent different things as well.

thats why I fell in love with the polynesian styled tattoos,
because at the end of the day, the entire tattoo is like a piece of art composition 
that combines all sorts of beautiful parts of my personality into one form. 

Shark teeth: usually represents shelter or coverage, guidance, power, ferocity, adaptability, etc 

The sun: often stands for riches, brilliance, grandness and leadership. 
The sun’s rising is connected to rebirth and the sunset does not symbolize death, but a passageway to the world beyond.

The ocean: represent life, fertility and persistence.

and last but not least,

The special part of my tattoo?

My birthdate in Thai. 


A little sharing on the feels.

Pain level 6/10. 

I was cringing but not close to screaming or crying yet.
Got to admit though

I thought it wouldnt hurt because my previous placements didnt hurt one bit.

But it seems that with each tattoo I get my pain tolerance dies a little?

Or I'm just getting the painful placements.

What I have to say is,
Having a tattoo isn't exactly all fun and games

and the dedication to find the perfect piece that will not be regretted, 
thats the true passion for tattoos.

Self expression, and just the love for art. 
Don't get something just because it looks good. 

The tattoo you have chosen must be something you'd smile everytime you see it in the mirror.
It becomes a part of you.
So you have to be somehow able to relate to it.

Right now, 
I'm dealing with a really confusing feeling of itchiness and pain.
Can't wait for it to completely heal! :)

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