Wednesday, 18 June 2014

16 Hour Saturday

It was crazy awaiting for this Saturday to arrive,
My plans were all over the place and I literally didn't know how to split myself,
I guess its time to say,
I'm glad it all unraveled itselves

Superhero comicbook top from Forever21, My Mother's personal Vintage high slit skirt, 
H&M Boots, Sexy Red Lips Clutch bag. 

I usually match this top with a red skirt but I had this sudden mood for a long skirt instead.
I had at least 10+ compliments about my top & clutch bag today.
*so proud of my finds

Ready for the journey? Lets start at 12PM.

My day started off way too classy to be true.
Media exclusive Bubbly Brunch with Duriana's founder, Marketing Exec,
and a few other gorgeous media reps and bloggers ... 
*phew, overwhelmed by the fashionista vibes.

I was famished!!!
Haven't ate since the burger from Starlight Cinema, which I only had two bites of.

Classy bowl of Juice selections.
I chose cranberry... Didn't know they had raspberry.
Pfft. I'd take raspberry cos I hardly ever tasted one..

Starters on the left, two halves of a tiny piece of bread.
I loved the round one, tasted like slightly roasted cheese. YUM.
& my main course, Sliced beef with Cheese and Rockets.
& of course, Thankyou FH Club for such generous goodie boxes!!!
I honestly never restocked on my jewellery since ages!!
Can't wait to match these pieces up,
AND pamper myself with the variety of masks and products!

What should I get with my vouchers??

We all skipped desserts and even declined coffee so that we could come upstairs to check out the markets at the rooftop of La Scala.
and BOOM, I entered shopping heaven.
It was a fashionista's heaven,
There were booths selling from exotic imported pieces, 
to street fashion and Nike Flyknits, out of the world eyewear, 
crazy funky clutches, swimsuits, buttons 
and even vintage and pre-loveds selling at as low as RM5! 

Need I say more??? I didn't bring enough cash!!!!

Bought this beautiful Jamaican looking knitted top because I couldn't take my hands off it the moment they caught my eyes.


DJ of "The Other Party" filling up the skies with their tunes. :)
Loving that ice cold jar of drink and personal air conditioner much!!
The weather was pretty hot but it didn't stop us from shopping.

Up next was the first round of Champagne Pong!!!
Look, you can't be as stylish as I am at losing this please!
hahahaha okay I am not gonna lie I didn't score even one.

But the champagne was yums!!
the next time theres such games I'll just pose for pictures,
 move aside & not cause others to lose the game. 

We went off to Avenue K to chill in the air cond 
and get ourselves some refreshments before we head off to the next stop.

Dropped by Library Coffee Bar because I've been dying to try out their Spiked Coffees!
Here I am with my Kahlua Espresso Shake.
I love the hint of liqueur in the coffee but it was a little too sweet for me.
Maybe I'll order it to be sugar free the next time.
I like my coffees bitter anyways.

Halo ring shot at Tiger Translate! :)

Arrived at Kenanga City about 7PM
I had no idea around this place but I really like how they did up the space at the event. 

Tiger Graffiti Designed by Kenji Chai.
Super impressive. especially when seen upclose.
Such amazing talent. So proud

The entrance & beer redemption/buying counter. 

I redeemed a TRANSLATE tee from The Swagger Salon a.k.a LANSI brand that I so love. 

I spotted the hidden LANSI in the text,
but I'm really not sure if its just my overly imaginative self.??

Screens showing the bottle artworks

& my absolutely breathtaking shot.
I took my baby Pentax out after a really long time.
I am guilty for forgetting how beautiful are the pictures its capable of capturing.

Kudos to Tiger Translate for creating such remarkable ambience.
I loved it. Am hypnotized by it.
Really do wish it was a rave somehow. *tehee! 

Giant TRANSLATE neon sign.
The photo is hardly edited color wise.
Too beautiful to be true.
Felt like I was in the rainbow itself. 

here we are bathing in the colors with our Tiger Beer. :) 

& thats all I have for photographs of the events.
I was overwhelmed and completely exhausted but satisfied.

Just when I thought my day was about to end,
I spontaneously decided to meet up with my long lost friend that finally returned from the states.
Rested our legs & I finally had myself some really good kebab to fill my empty growling stomach. 

Ended our night at Zouk Club KL dancing the remains of my energy away to EDM,
missing raves in every move...

I really don't know how we did it, being out for 16 hours straight.

We made it home at 4AM.
Thankful our moms didn't kill us. 
Used up half a tank of my petrol driving around KL town this day 
& almost RM50 for parking in total. 
Literally felt like I spent 3 days out at one go.

Most probably won't be doing such craziness for awhile now.

I hope you had a great weekend and its already Wednesday!!

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