Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Market in The Skies

Look at that header.
Thats literally the classiest, most exciting market title I have seen so far!

*read on for more excitement. Dont miss out the last part!! 

& with my superstar, rocker, crazy idk-what-im-doing pose in the poster.
This is going to be Duriana's very first Fashion Market x Bubbly Brunch
that would be held in the Rooftop Terrace of La Scala Restaurant
on the 14th of June 2014 @ 12PM to 6PM

Not sure where is this place?
Get a free ride by UBER with their code : UBERDURIANA 

You'll find a pop-up market stocked with art, clothes, accessories, new, pre-loved and even some precious vintage finds (oh my favourite)!
so get geared up for shopping! 

Duriana has organised this event so meticulously that they made sure their guests enjoy every moment of it.
Activities that follow on includes picture taking at the Photobooth,
(too cool for selfies right here, please!)

Champagne Pong Competition
in which I would be participating along with my fellow blogger hotties.


the event features The Other Party whom would be setting the floor alight with 
chill out, indie dance, nu disco vibes all day long. 

Now that one heavenly market to shop at, yes?
Thinking about it itself makes me excited to shop my wallet away !
Hahaha okay okay, I really can't wait to experience it for myself!

A little introduction to the Duriana app,
I downloaded it personally on my phone as well when I checked it out 

This is basically a bazaar packed and simplified into a FREE mobile application.
(Make money & space in your closet for no rental charge!?) 
Works just like eBay & Online shops,
This app allows users to both SELL, BUY and SOCIALISE.
It also encourages fashionistas to share their passion with others 
by selling off items from their lookbooks.

The best part of this app would be the CHAT feature.
Why? Both seller & buyers won't be confused about which item they're trading
(especially when there are a few transactions)

of course, I just gotta mention that I love their look & feel of the website
(thats why I stole screenshots of it)
& also the app, makes it oh so nice to spend hours on it :D

Come checkout my shop!
Look for me @VicKaythrine 

Here comes the best part!

the first 30 readers who come by Duriana's media registration booth
& flash the DURIANA APP (on your mobiles)
with the password : BLOGGERS IN THE SKIES
will receive a goodie bag from
FH CLUB, Duriana's official giveaway sponsors.

psst! lemme give you a little hint of what you'll find in there! 

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