Monday, 23 June 2014

r i c o c h e t

"Standing amongst the broken does not make you a part of the rubble." VicKaythrine. 

yes I just quoted myself.

It took me sometime to gather my recent shoot &
managed to put together the mood that is being portrayed in here.

Just as my life began to collapse around me,
I realised that I didn't need to be broken as it is. 

I could savor the remains,
& pick up what could help me in my journey. 

& sometimes, maybe when we look at it in a different perspective,
its not exactly a disaster after all. 

because in bad times we learn to adapt,

in bad times we learn to hold ourselves at the very essential core.

& undoubtedly, the sun will rise again. 

then wherever we may be,
would be the beginning of a brand new life

one thats definitely, completely in our power
to make it better than ever before. 

so ricochet, 
bounce back against what hurts you,

// Bohemian stitch loose top & Tribal shorts - Thrifted from Kitschen
 // Grunge boots - Forever 21
// Sunglasses - Tom Ford
// Handmade Sacred Brass Earrings - ESC Escape Artist Collective
// Handcrafted Oyster Shell Necklace - Publika, Artrow

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