Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Captivated Hearts // from Coffee to Party Look

I am on the road of recovery and I know I owe this place an explanation of my hiatus. 

// Video feature at the end of this post! ;) 

Well, long story short. 
Hello hello Vickie's on her own again.

This is no call for grieving though,
Its a time of celebration,

Instead of feeling undeserving of love,
I decided that I am now given full attention to myself.
What's better than having all my priorities given to focusing on being happy, amazing and simply a better person by every passing moment??

I finally got to go shopping for a bit last week 
& I found this AMAZING outfit that I am sooo excited to share about! 

Gorgeous LAVORE earrings given to me from Duriana's Event 

& for the entire day that I was out,
I swear more than 20 people asked me if the heart was a TATTOO.

I won't deny,
I am really considering it.
& Nothing makes me prouder to say that "yes they're real"
rather than its drawn on.

Maybe, one fine day while I get my tiny tattoos done,
I'd get this one :) 

Hahaha if u noticed, I made my eyes blue in this picture.
I miss wearing colored lenses to be honest.
Unfortunately my eyes are way too sensitive to put up with the fuss.
Thank ADOBE for photoshop!

Blended a silver to black ombre to create the cat eye edge.

with a pop of Pink & Green (my two favorite shades)
to match my skirt! 

I felt that it was so common for colors to be at the outer edge of the eyes,
so I decided to put it at the front instead.

Turned out a little odd but I am absolutely loving it! 

Close up to my favourite part of the skirt
The mesh transparent waistline that's so thin it adds 0 weight.

So perfect. :')  

I felt a little awkward actually.
Partly because it was already drizzling
& also because my dear friend was laughing at my "thick skinned"ness taking photos relentlessly. 

My entire outfit was completely thrifted & partly consisted of gifts. 

// Shoes from Jelly Bunny.

Really love them because they're the only pair I actually felt like I wanted to SNIFF.
yes, if you didn't know, these heels is made of scented 'Jelly' material.
absolutely comfortable & sweet looking. 

So I went home & got prepped up and ready to celebrate my weekend.
& I had this sudden idea to make a crazy weird video kind of photoshoot.

took my tripod, DSLR & poof, here it is.

I hope you're not bored of my face yet!
WATCH IT IN HD alright!? 

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