Monday, 21 July 2014

Hair Tattoo.

The big question :

What made me decide to shave half my head off. LOL

well its pretty logical to be honest.
1. my bleached hair is annoying because its pretty damaged and frizzy.
2. its difficult to maintain if I decide to touch up the color again, 
because I can't go a day without washing my hair. 
3. I have really thick hair at the bottom, so everytime I wash my hair 
it takes about an hour to fully dry up at that area.

Reason enough I suppose. 
I actually only decided to do this a day before the visit. 
Appreciate my friends for recommending me to come to Joe's Barber @ ss15. 

I arrived with my BFF at 1PM, 
Turns out the waiting list was already up to 4PM.
Wow right?

One tip though, its difficult to get through them by calling,
so its best to walk in and book your time.

Theres also a little cafe connected to the saloon.
They sell food and drinks so its nice to be able to chill while waiting for our turn.

Are you ready to watch the process?


I got so much questions about how am I going to pull off looking decent anymore...
what would it look like if I needed to attend some formal events,
and how damn crazy cool does it look like when I show it.

After experimenting with the end results for a bit,
I'd conclude that this hair, 
is like a dual personality gateway.


After thoughts:

; The total for the hairpiece was RM60 and
I also gave an extra RM20 tip for the barber as a token of thanks for the good work.

; The shaving part was soooo ticklish. However, I think its mostly just my personal problem because I get ticklish at the back of my head.

; The place is really hiphop and stylish. Loved the whole barber experience because I honestly never thought I'd ever go anywhere else than a Saloon. 

& with all my enthusiasm,
I created a second video to show you the versatility of this hair of mine.

Personally I liked the final look with the high ponytail & fringe a lot. 
I didnt even expect it to turn out this way.
but yeah, what makes this style special is because usually with my full hair,
I can't tie this high ponytail because the bottom part gets weighed down.

Fringe & curls?
yes? no? 

& there you go, 
The magic of my hair tattoo look.

Not as scary as it may seem after all yeah? 

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