Sunday, 17 August 2014

Inkraft Tattoo Studio & Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Scotts Garden

Lazy Saturday.
I woke up in panic mode because coincidentally my car charger burnt my iPhone cable the night before & following that, the broken cable screwed up my power bank. BAM, Game over. 
Ended up with a dead phone til 3PM.

Headed off to Scotts & got myself a new cable, 
got myself a Caramel Frapp from Starbucks and charged my phone. :( 

 Spontaneous plan, went up to Inkraft tattoo studio for a visit.

Oh the poison when I see tattoos. *squeals* 

 Meet Snow, the gorgeous cat that is so friendly you'd get a headache. 

 Look at those eyes!!! 

Here's the tattooing area.

Really, look at the comfort, space and the giant glass panels overlooking the city.
Definitely the best studio I've seen  :) 

Dinner time!!

I was wanting to try this korean BBQ place since I passed by the other day.
Sadly we only had two of us, so we had to order the 2Pax set that didnt come with the 8 different flavored meat. 

Came with salad. The cucumber & peanut dipping sauce thingy is so yummy! 

Kimchiiiii :) 

The portion for 2 pax. Quite alot, dont underestimate this. 

The best Kimchi Jigae I had.
Not too sour, not too spicy. 

Personal cook.
Felt like a princessssssss :p 

There, a sneak peek of my "date" with his freaking awesome tattoosss. DAMN 

Scooping soup for the princess cos. Meow.

& lastly, pretty lady helping us grill our scallops.

The meal was sooo good. not too filling, just right.
Well according to him I eat way too much for a girl.
but in a good way I suppose.

Definitely a must try for meat lovers,
sadly this place is strictly non halal.

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