Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Trilogy Lenses & Skypark Onecity.

I recently missed how I looked with color lenses on.
Also because I got a new haircolor,
I felt that its time for a lil makeover. 

I got these for RM45/BOX. 
was a lil doubtful tbh because I was always a freshkon girl 
eversince the korean lenses age passed. 
I never really found comfort in any other brand of colored lenses and I have made quite a decision to stay off of any such kind of discomforts.

But I felt adventurous this time, and also because the grey tone of these lenses looked gorgeous.

Here's how they look in the casing and solution. 

Trying them on.

1st thing I noticed, 
they have the circle lenses effect.
Enlarged my pupils quite a bit. 
Impressive, but also didnt exactly like it personally, 
because I wasn't so used to having such big pupils anymore. 
Well, its not that they look bad at all.
Infact they make quite a huge difference when I have them on.

I really like how the color seemed to become a little tinge of green.
Not sure if its because of my hair, or I'm just getting an illusion of it.

Overall, I'd say they're pretty comfortable to wear.
Not exactly easy to insert though, maybe because I haven't worn lenses for such a long time.

The lenses are a little firmer when put on my fingertips, 
as compared to my freshkon ones that literally feels like soft jelly.
This one maintains its curve and shape. 

Color wise, its pretty great. I'd give a 8/10.
Its pretty obvious even at normal room lighting 
& thats a huge plus for a girl with extremely dark eyecolor as myself. 


Headed out for the night.
Decided to join my friend for some random outing to One City.

I know this is so late but I really have not been to this place yet. 

I really like neon lights. Like...really. 

 & the vine wall concept is really refreshing.

Spot the glass panel floorings?
I can't wait to be up there instead.

So much glass going on!!
even the lifts. 

Wood flooring, for the faint hearted. LOL

& here, a full grown man, being scared of heights like that.

I couldn't be more entertained.

The typical picture of this glass panel floor.

I swear this is one epic way to get over your fear of heights. 

The view, well basically just the city.
I think it'll be a nice place to take some slow shutter highway photos though.

Putting on my act for this picture.
I was scared, I really was, but not as scared at the photographer.

Enjoying my drinks with the city view. 
Not perfect, but the symmetry of this scene makes gives me comfort in a very weird way. 

Checked out this Korean Club at the SkyPark floor.
I loved the ambience and music, sadly there's literally no crowd here at all.
Look at that lighting. Wow.

Hopefully this place gets more visitors,
I wouldn't mind spending my party nights here at all.

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