Sunday, 7 September 2014


its been a long time since I got dolled up for an event.
I've been so busy training for Reebok One Challenge,
spending day in and day outs at the gym like an addiction.

Felt pretty excited to see myself all girly again for a night.
Thanks for the random invite from my girlfriends :)

Finally get to wear my new suspender dress out.
accompanied by my favourite lil' black cat clutch
and black velvet heel-less platforms. 

My BFF in her beautiful dress & cheeky smile. 

& the gorgeous JessT

I honestly just love how it feels to be amongst pretty girls :P

 Beautiful display of arts inside the building. 

Live local band performances.
This place was overwhelming with talent.

Tasteful little spotlight on the tables. 

another picture before we head over to paint something. 

yes, she was excited. 

Painting with a palette knife for the first time.
I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do. 

A beautiful yet experienced heart.

Thats the interpretations that I got about it so far.
I honestly just love the texture the canvas and paint created. 

Went back to fetch my boy out from home. :)
I miss him already. 

last stop,
Mamak & Maggi Goreng.

SERIOUSLY, no more cheat meals pls. 

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