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Reebok One Challenge #ROC2014

After missing out on the registration for Viper Challenge in November,
I grabbed the opportunity to experience my first ever challenge at Reebok One Challenge 2014.

I've officially been (secretly) training hardcore at the gym for a year now.
Its amazing to see how much my body has progressed so far especially in the past months where I increased my intensity and also concentration towards this challenge.

I would say, my biggest worries during my training was, firstly, my ability to run.
I have always been the type to get a bad stitch within the first 5 minutes of jogging, not to mention running. I sometimes even get it from walking too fast on a daily basis.

Yes, it was that bad.
What did I do to overcome it?
Core training. It helped me a whole lot.
I figured the trick to running stable is to not let your body sway around too much.
Holding in the core and maintaining a good posture prevented my stitch from happening,
though during the training days I still sometimes accidentally make mistakes and start hurting again.
It was frustrating, but I knew it was part of the progress.
My music motivation was also one of the biggest influences.
I listen to high BPM EDM songs while I run. I literally almost depend on them.
What I do is follow the song structure;
Intro : Warm up. / Breaks
Chorus: Jog
Drops : RUN
and just repeat accordingly to the music.

Basically I started running at speed 8 on the treadmill for 5 minute intervals. and then brisk walked for 1 minute and repeated 'til it was at least 30 minutes of running every day. 
by the 2nd week, I managed to run for at least 10 minutes every alternate time.
and eventually by the week before the challenge I could run non-stop at speed 11 for 2KM nonstop. 

+ my biggest motivations was definitely hardcore edm music.
+ secondly would be a good dose of coffee an hour before gym. 
(thats also because I'm mostly really tired from work on weekdays) 
+ A proper state of balance between not feeling full nor having a growling stomach.
+ Diet - cutting out unhealthy food options especially unhealthy fats & oily food.

Thankyou sweetheart for waking up at such hours in the morning to send me all the way here and support me. Also for being my personal photographer.

Another important part about my training is definitely the concentration in increasing my strength.
Weight exercises played a huge role in 
increasing my capabilities to carry my own weight better and much more easily.

This helps in obstacles and terrains a lot i.m.o because I noticed I have been using a lot of muscles to hold my balance when going up and down uneven grounds, holding myself up with my hands, pushing over the obstacles and such.
Heck, stronger limbs would never be a disadvantage right?? 

Tired but excited, yes my smile looked pretty forced.
I wasn't exactly awake yet.

Just a little info on my condition before the run.
I've been heading to the gym every evening during the entire 3 months before the race.
& then genius me decided to take up a week of 13 hours part-time job at LEVIS for 5 days right before the event date.
(I can't deny money... I just can't)
So I've been literally standing for 13 hours a day til my feet hurts, from 9AM to 10PM from Tuesday til Saturday.
& When I got home to my boyfriend's place at almost 11PM, we managed to have dinner, prep and double check my equipments and massage my feet a little.
I was only able to slot in 2 mere hours of ...sleep...or nap?

To make matters a little more worrying, I had no proper grippy running shoes that were made for real life terrains.
What I had on was my training shoes that were made for GYM floors.
I could almost skate at the wet conditions of the ground.
The sole was also pretty thin, which I worried wouldn't be enough of any support to the bottom of my feet.
I really didn't want any pain that would hurt and affect my ability to move my legs.

So I took these downsides as an extra challenge to my very first running challenge.

I specially requested this picture of my back view with my gorgeous provided set of kinesiology tapes, also known as  KT TAPE 
For those who doesn't know (well I didn't know either before this)
These tapes are designed to sort of help hold your muscles and provide extra support and prevent strains and muscle pulls.
The amazing part of these tapes are that they endured the entire track of rain and mud.
Seriously, they were still beautiful and clean by the end of the run.
They were also almost unnoticeable. It felt almost as if it was part of my skin. 

Downside? if it was a sunny day I would probably have an uneven tan.
Perks of living in 365 days of summer.

Getting pumped up...for picture purposes. 

Meeting a friend I've been speaking with through the Reebok event page.
Its nice to have some new friends really. Especially fit friends :) 

I made a bad mistake when I collected the race kit.
I didn't grab a set of pins.

I really didn't understand why would they make the numbers in paper form.
We were preparing to crawl through mud and climb walls.

"this is gonna tear and fall off."
that was what went through my mind the entire time.

Stretching is very very important.
Warming up before the run, especially at such sleepy conditions.
My body had to know what it was up for. 

Boyfriend made me a bottle of BCAA to boost my energy levels.
Well he said it would help, and yes it really does.
Though honestly I really dislike the orange taste. ugh. 

Yep, thats me, with my old name spelling when I registered months ago. 

Also I eventually asked for some help at the starting line and switched my number to the back of my shirt cos I figured I'd probably drag them over terrains and the wall climb frontwards.

Got this from Sam. The arrangement of the obstacles.
Oh! man, was I intrigued!
15 Kgs? REALLY? HAHAHAH. meh. 

and off we go!
I think I was somewhere behind.
wasn't really aiming to kill myself so soon.
I just didn't want to be last. 

Drink stations were really one of the *phew* spots tbh, it kinda gave me the feeling like someone was saying "okay, u did good, have a drink, or two, or as many as u like" 

Didnt understand why people had to litter all over the place though.
Hello? Fit, healthy and environmentally polite please? 

Gatorade provided.
I hate energy drinks, but I needed them.

Thanks to the rainy weather, I wasn't really feeling extremely dehydrated along the way at all.
Moist cooling air. :) 

Swear I was hopping over this hurdle like the guy in the picture. except I didnt get no picture.
Wish I had a personal photographer with me. :( 

Tyre speedshift challenge... was no challenge.
Unless you're out of stamina.
I hopped like a bunny over this. *proud* 

The only challenge I failed.
Because we had to crawl over mud before the monkey bars
and it was just slippery and annoying.
and I also suck at monkey bars. I DONT KNOW WHY.
I did 20 Burpees instead.

I don't know which was this, probably the offroad hills.
I think the rain made this challenge 5X more challenging than it was meant to be.
Especially with my gripless shoes.
I was literally waiting to fall face first onto the mud hills.
Yes, I slid down the slopes.
I didn't want to fall and break my back.

Second set of hurdles.
and finally! Proper grounds! 
I felt 3 rows of hurdles was childs play though. Like...Really??! 

Super nice enthusiastic guy hi5-ing everyone.

Ice pack station.
I needed this.
My calves were starting to cramp up by the time we finished up this hill. 

Made a new friend along the way; this is Amin.
Helped me a whole lot. Motivation wise, entertainment wise. LOL
Thanks for keeping me going.
AND sprinting like mad with me.
I couldn't have had this much fun if it wasn't for meeting you. :) 

Honestly I really wished I had somewhere someway to train climbing this wall on my own.
Its like I now have a new mission to accomplish.
To be able to hop over this wall like a superhero with no help needed.

Someone tell me where can I find something similar to hop over? 

Somewhere along the way, it was another 8KM to go.

15KG rice bag challenge. Basically we had to carry one bag and go around the fence.
I ran. nuff said. 

& then comes the most disgusting crappy obstacle of all.
I REALLY have no idea why they chose to use this sheet of thing.
It fell on the muddy grounds and when I crawled underneath I literally had mud dripping over my head and face and entering my brains ...or such.

is this what the challenge was about? because thats the only thing difficult bout it.
Trying not to eat mud. 


Almost the last obstacle. A slanted wall this time.
Not that high. I hopped up this with a lil push. 
Slided down the slope.

and a long long way after, probably before the last 3KM's,
was our last challenge

Well, I got off to the most unglamorous end I shall say.
Look at my face.
What do u think happened?
I climbed, I slipped, I sank.

into a deep 'milo' pool of ice.
thats not even the best part.
The best part what that I felt the slow-mo of that disaster.
and then I felt nothing.
My entire waist down was numb from cold.
and my shoes. oh yes.
soaked in ice water as it froze my painful toes to their deaths.

Thankyou sweet bomba-men, for carrying me down.
so I could storm off to a corner and chuck my shoes away and warm my toes.

It felt like hours of showering in the rain, when we finally almost reached the finish line.
I was saving up my last bit of energy to sprint off to the end. 

& so I did it.

Here comes the best part.
At the beautiful finish line, was two ending censors that beeps with my finishing time.
and my angel of a boyfriend, soaked wet with rain water,
holding out the camera to snap pictures of my victorious moment.

& at that moment, time slowed down, as I smiled thankfully for being so blessed, 
with strength, mind power and love. unconditional love.

And lastly. my battle scars.
Slight bruises here and there.
Mostly from the wall climb struggle if u ask me.

This was from being lifted.
Nope. not a good idea to life someone by the waist. really.

Slight bruises on my wrist as well.
I dont know. I really dont know.

my fingertips literally wrinkled up from the soaking rain.

Sorry for the mud splash in your car :( 

Last words?

Bring extra clothes to change.
Bring a tank of 5L water to shower. 
Bring small energy bars or supplements, and something for cramps, u will need the boost. 
Bring a large towel for warmth... incase it rains like this
Shoes, not too broken, not too new, grip and support is essential.
rest enough, sleep, eat well, train hard. Stamina is a huge role here, and then comes strength.
Mindpower. The will to push and keep going. 
Cautious. Don't be too egoistic to be careful, injuries are dreadful.
Attire; Please, don't wear short flimsy pants. Cover up! No one wants to see your panties and you're bound to cut your thighs and stuff.  What for?? 
Gloves, If u don't wana cut your hands. 

I'm all pumped and excited for upcoming events.
But I think I'm really not all into running that much.
Preferably obstacles.

Hope my entry was helpful to babes who are planning to get into fitness and running or obstacle challenges.

Its never too late to push boundaries. You'll be amazed at what you're body is able to accomplish.

PS: I signed up for VIPER CHALLENGE MARCH 2015.
Email or Message me on facebook if you wanna join my team! :) 

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HerYuan Lau said...

wow! salute ur determination! my friend didnt train before going for this. luckily her friend was there to motivate her even tho she was the last few. she got joint pain(previously during penang bridge marathon also she has it too) we asked her to consult doctor tho. i wanted to join viper challenge too! but when i wanna register, it close dy. :/ seeing things so scary, i dare not join anymore :O