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The moment I saw the launch of this line of products,
I was impressed to the bones! So proud of the designer who did the entire branding and design.
I jumped at the opportunity to test these products out, was almost determined to get them the moment they start selling so I contacted them.

Hello Mr.BadLab!

and to my really really *tear in my eye surprise?
The amazing people in BadLab says that I am given the first hand honor to review their products.
I swear I was so thrilled and nervous at the same time.
Thrilled cos I absolutely love their entire concept,
Nervous cos I had no idea how am I gonna test this product out cos I probably need a few, in this case.
But I was excited as hell to get my hands on them.

I was given the package within a week's time. In a really stylishly handmade black box.
and omg. the moment I opened the box I was greeted with this really sexy masculine scent that I couldn't stop sniffing.

and the entire time I had these products I kept them in my room, occasionally just enjoying the scent.
What I had in mind would be "damn I'm gonna give any guy who smells this good a bonus 5 marks out of 10."

Like seriously, its just sexy as fk.
and the last time I felt this enchanted by a scent was Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Cologne.
Which was at least 3 years back onwards.

So after a month plus of going through ideas, I figured the easiest and most practical way I could do a proper review is to test them out myself, and on my closest guys, my boyfriend and my brother, and then summarize the concluded full review of the products by words.

But first, here's an intro I made for this review!
Because these products are something I feel really proud of and admire.

Malaysian youth brands FTW! :)


Baby Faced Assassin (Energizing Facial Cleanser)

Mildly scented and really thick concentrated texture when squeeze out of the tube.
Not much needed, probably a drip not more than a cm squeeze?
I was shocked at first, and I thought the copywriters were just being overly creative when I saw that the products contain "Dragon's Blood" and "Blue Stone".

Turns out Dragon's Blood, also known as Croton Lechleri is a natural sap that can be obtained from the Dragon's Blood tree.

“Throughout much of the Amazon rainforest, Dragon’s blood, called both Sangre de Drago and Sangre de Grado, is the primary topical aid for just about anything bad that can happen to skin.” - Chris Kilham

Dragon's Blood can be found in all of BadLab's facial products :) 

Dragon's Blood, Peruvian Amazon. Photo by: Zoe Helene © 2010
And another amazing ingredient is Blue Stone.

what blue stone? Lapis Lazuli  
Known to be an energizing and also its healing properties.
Honestly I have no idea how is it integrated into the face wash,
but its such a unique ingredient to add dont u think??

"Relieve oozing or septic sites, and other eye infections, by rubbing the area with a piece of Lapis heated in warm water. Once cooled, the water can then be used for an eye bath. A Lapis heated in sunlight, reduces bruising and is good for skin problems and insect bites. " 

from the description I found, I'm assuming that the lapis stone is probably heated in warm water that is then used in the formula for the cleanser ? :)

Tried them out personally. yes, I smell like a sexy man tonight.
Well, a good alternative for single girls I guess? LOL

The face wash cleaned every bit of sunblock, dirt, greasiness off of my face.
I felt so fresh and so comfortable.

Lucky me, I function a little like a man, so I like squeaky clean cleansers.
I'd say its a little dry aftermath, but no fear, the next product is here! 

I'd recommend this to guys who prefer to only wash their face once in the day before work, 
and once before bedtime only.
Unless you have epicly greasy face.

Battle Repair (Moisturizer) 

& heres the second part if you wanna be a soft and cuddly bear of a caveman.
yep yep, I tried this on myself as well.

another dose of concentrated goodness,
never forgetting the delicious scent, and to my surprise,
this is actually a really nice moisturizer.

Another interesting ingredient in this moisturizer 
besides Dragon's Blood,
anti-inflammatory Silver
Which basically means a component called Tinosan, aka Silverion 2400, aka, Silver Citrate
This component helps promote skin regeneration, 
perfect for men who shaves regularly.
:) aren't the BadLab people just so nice and thoughtful?

What men fears the most about moisturizers?? 
"OMG please la, I wash off the grease to put more grease on? what logic"
"Oily la. for what... " 

well here's what you flaky faced men need.
A good smelling, non-greasy, matte finish moisturizer.

Its so good I'm actually enjoying the soft yet clean feeling on my face right now.
sadly I do smell really masculine for the moment.

So girls, please, grab one for your boyfriends.
& Btw, my skin is actually super sensitive to bad products,
and it hasn't reacted badly one bit to this one.


3 in 1 Caveman Cleaner (Face, Body Bath & Shampoo) 

Smell lasts a whole hour and still good as fresh.

After testing this cleaner out on my own arm, I found something really amazing bout the lasting scent.
I was heading out, so obviously, I cant walk out smelling like a man on my arms.
I took a shower.
& to my surprise.
I still smell a hint of the Caveman Cleaner scent on my arm.
Wow. This really is some hardcore masculine booster products.

Lean, Mean Machine. (Body Bath)

Doesn't bubble up as much as the usual drugstore bodybaths.
Washes off quickly and leaves skin at a clean but not too dry state.
Smells a little more masculine

" Very cooling and fresh." - Brother

This is basically called the "body sculpting shower gel"
I'm thinking because it has a cooling and fatigue-fighting ingredient (as said on the bottle)

Play in the mud (Face & Body Soap) 

Another combined formula.

This is really such a man's dream come true kind of product.
I wish they came up with something like this for girls.
But then again how many girls are low maintenance like me? LOL

Anyways, I was pretty curious bout this product as it said MUD.
I found it really funny though cos of the caveman concept.
I think this product brings out the cheeky little boys in men.

Texture really does feel like mud!
Its thick but not exactly hard like bar soap.

This product here contains the usual combination of Blue Stone and Dragon's Blood as well.
& additionally, I spotted Charcoal Powder in the ingredients list.

The benefits of charcoal powder has gotten pretty famous in the recent years
Even for girls, we have lots of charcoal masques and face washes.

Basically Charcoal is famous for helping remove oily residues on skin, and also clears up pores.
As for the mud,
I don't exactly know if theres really mud in this mud soap.
Whatever it is,

If I were a guy
I'd definitely grab this one with me to gym.
I love this formula cos it doesn't spill all over like liquid soaps.
and being 2 in 1,
I save having to carry another bottle of face soap!

No more excuses not to wash your face boys! :)

Too Cold to Bear (Shampoo)

Nice and Fresh.
"Damn soft aftermath, like there was conditioner used" - Brother

Like the title says, this shampoo is just too cooling.
Perfect for a summer all year round place like Malaysia. 

Personally I get itchy and annoying scalp problems because of constantly sweating at the gym,
if you're having the same problems,
give this shampoo a try cos the menthol helped reduced the swelling and itch.
Ingredients includes the interesting and super cool Fluidipure 8G


  • Helps restore the skin natural acidic mantle
  • Helps reduce the amount of preservatives thus respecting sensitive skin’s fragile environment
  • Controls sebum production for a beautiful skin 
  • Helps fight unpleasant body odors
  • Combats the 3 mains symptoms of Seborrheic dermatitis in only 10 shampoos: scalp redness, scalp oiliness, hair oiliness and dandruff 
  • Helps fight unpleasant scalp odors

Any more reason to deny this genius? 
The ingredient also exists in all of their hair products, even the next one. 

Like A Boss (Hair Clay) 

The amount needed for an average styling process.

Both my boyfriend and my brother tested out this hair clay,
yes I made them do it.

Guys are so reluctant to changes.
I really wonder why.

Anyhow, as I kept saying, the entire range of products smells like a million bucks.
Theres no questions anymore.

The holding power of this clay seemed quite moderate though.
I'd say its meant for less elaborate hairstyling.
More to a softer natural look rather than spiky standing types.
I like the finish though,
not too sticky and not too stiff. 

I'd say its perfect for the working guys, 
stylo but not too elaborate,
and the scent will keep your charm intact even if you have a busy schedule.

So what are you waiting for ?

GUYS, Go get yourself the latest sexy formulas and
I guaranteeeeee you're gonna get lots of extra attention from the girls!  

GIRLS, get them and pass on the charm to your guy friends,
or your boyfriends! :)
You're gonna thank me for letting you into this secret, 
the scent will drive you crazy in love! ;) 

Head on to


Psst, their prices are SO affordable too! 

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