Monday, 17 November 2014


HAHAHA what a punny title.

Con (Convocation)
Grad (Graduation)
Con (Congratulations)
Im a genius.  :)
& I am certified.

Improvisation :
I really wanted to graduate in a beautiful grassfield outside a castle looking university.
But sadly I chose to stay local and save my parents hard earned money.

So here I am using my skills in editing to transport myself photographically 
to my imagined graduation photo.

There are so many things that I have personally experienced changing ever since the moment I stopped attending classes and went off for internship.

I guess the transition was a bit different for me and my batch of friends because our internship begins at the end of our academic period. Instead of being just a experience and then back to adding more studies, our internship became a stepping stone for us towards our career.

There were so many things I learnt throughout college. Some good, some bad, some really unbelievable changes as well.

I guess sharing this isn't only for my personal reasons, read this through if you're in college now,
Trust me, it may seem unbelievable at first but when you're there you'd feel like it a slap to your face.

What kept me going at the toughest days of my projects?

I guess its because at my college we all go through the pain together. 
As a class, the greatest value isnt scores but our relationship and selflessness.
Sharing our skills and specialities to help each other complete their projects... 

thats priceless.

I'll never forget the sleepless nights,
the panic runs up and down the campus.
4 years, and so much happiness, tears, relieved sighs, disappointments. 

These are the little things I have learnt up to the day I graduated.

1. Career.

I know.  WHAT?
We (well most of us) all begin lost.
We're unsure if this is really it.
Like as much as we're crazily involved in everything we do, a small part of us are worried if this may be the wrong decision.

Personally I was struggling to not get overwhelmed by the idea that my career is now.
Every chance I miss will cost me.
Day by day it just gets more intense.

My advice, try to calm down once in a while,
Refresh, Breathe, and then keep going.
We're young and growing now.
Let everything you do be something that will
bring you closer towards finding your ultimate meaning in life.

Let the final treasure be a career you enjoy.
& most of all,
Don't lose the artist in you. Don't lose your curiosity.

2. Personality.

As much as I was struggling to deny all advice given to me in this past 6 months,
I now can not deny that I have grown from the 20ish kid fresh off college.
that was the crazy party monster,
had no plans for the future except to commit everything to partying.
refused to believe I would want to be serious.
I didn't want to grow and mature.

& then suddenly.
it all just flipped.

I suddenly am too fed up of drunk meaningless conversations.
I no longer can deal with losing hours of my sleep for a hangover.
Wine and good music suddenly became more better of an idea of chilling rather than sweaty dancefloors.

Well my point is,
at one time or another,
I can't not grow up.
I can no longer be denial about the fact that now this life is in our hands.
and that I really don't want to waste precious youth gaining nothing.

I am still curious, but in a different way,
I now treasured experiences that would bring me further.
Opening my eyes to new cultures, new ideas...
Experiencing the world and using it to improve myself.
I think this all matters more now.

3. Friends.

As much as I wish this wasn't true.
Unsubstantial friendships that were high maintenance, and fake....
I am just too tired for it.

I learnt well in University, that some relationships are meant to be lost.
that friends who can't foresee a small bump along the way,
should be let go.

letting go. yes.
knowing what people to keep and what people to lose.
its a process we all learn in different lengths of time.

somehow, I did.
& I am here to share that its okay, to realise that your friend, wasnt really a friend afterall.
they're just company.
for now.
listen, learn, and then walk.

its okay.

but when you find those who are there through the bad times,
the ones who never flinches when you're at your worst.
remember to keep them like gems.

because as we grow older,
precious friendships are difficult to come by.

be careful of what you say,
be careful of what you share,
& remember to be careful of what people may use against you.

it really is a jungle out there.

4. Habits.

Habits aren't something that we are stuck with for life.

They're something that can be fixed, changed, and rearranged.

Learning to lose a bad habit wasn't easy,
but it was necessary.
Insisting its an unchangeable thing is the only reason why it stays with you.

Building a good habit also takes up a lot of determination,

but being able to slowly improvise just gives such great results. TRUST ME!

So grads, or soon to be grads,
Find your paths,
know what would bring you there,
be realistic,
and then get off your couch, and do it :) 


Congratulations to all of us who graduated on that day.

We didnt choose the easy way out,
but we definitely are the chosen ones.

we are the different people,
the unique and surprising types.

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