Wednesday, 26 November 2014

O.W.L Eyewear

Eyewear started off as a medicine to bad eyesight.
& then we thought, why can't corrective glasses be fashionable instead?

As eyewear becomes a part of a personal fashion statement, many of us was left bargaining our styles with our wallets' capacities.

Almost every time we walk into an optical store (or two, or more...)
we end up being fed with suggestions, ideas, promoted with brands after brands of eyewear...
pressured. confused and most of the time we end up spending more than what we budgeted for,
or compromising our favourite designs because it was beyond affordable. 

& here, I would like to introduce a brand new concept eyewear store 

(Lot LG 2.148, Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid // opposite of Daiso & Watsons)

is the eyewear brand that lets fashion & quality unite. uncompromised & simplified.

We no longer have to let go of our favourite styles because of overpriced brands and limit ourselves to only a pair of spectacles.

With their reasonable one price for all packages, anyone can own a pair of quality, affordable and fashionable spectacles in less than a day's time!

Read on because there's more!!

Here's Terry, the co-owner of O.W.L explaining to me their concept and idea.

Basically O.W.L originated from the idea that eyewear should be 
an affordable and flexible piece of fashion statement.

If we could have different clothes for different occasions,
what logic is it for us to be stuck with only one pair of glasses day in and day out?

& I really could not agree more! 

How does this work?


O.W.L's Total Transparency Policy is so straightforward and easy

The store has a ALL-IN-ONE PRICE for all their frames + lenses.

Ranging from only RM169 / RM269
(No additional hidden costs)

TWO upgrade options that are either

RM99 / RM199. 

"even if you want to pay more, there isn't anything else to pay for!" - Terry 

Now that, my readers, is a concept so nice & genius that its not to be missed. 

Rows and rows of frames up for free trying on for as long as you like.

As I arrived super early for their first day of opening,
I was totally indulging myself & running around trying on each series of glasses.

Truth be told, I really am very much the fashion freak,
I love their selection of trendy and unique glasses!
They also offer an executive section though I really think they look super exclusive!

The series' you'd find in O.W.L are


Zest (Bold & Original) 
Smart (Flexible & Original) 

ps: they're also the only series with wooden textured frames!

Zest (Bold & Bright)
Smart (Flexible & Vibrant)

Hybrid (Timeless & Durable)
Zest (Bold & Original)

Smart (Flexible & Chic)
Zest (Fashionable & Bold)

Higher range frames mostly made of lightweight metals

Frames made for sports lovers, 
better fit and flexibility for movement

fashionable frames made for kids


O.W.L really spoils you with choices.
Trust me on this,
spare yourself some time when you come frame shopping,

you're gonna need it because its just so enjoyable & free in this store!
Not to mention its really spacious so don't worry about it getting congested easily. 

They have a policy of no salesperson following their customers around.
assistance, however, will be there in a jiffy with a slight gesture or call away. 

This is a fully free to roam and choose at your own comfort kind of store.
Definitely my preferred types. 
& they also have plenty of mirrors all over the place! 
Check, check, triple check! 

Simple ordering procedures :

1. Choose your preferred frame

2. Bring it to the counter 
& Choose if you would like the basic package or any upgrades

3. Get your eyes tested by the 
really sweet, meticulous and friendly experts ever!

Seriously, I instantly felt so at home with their service,

I was so bad at the whole eye test thing but she managed to get my eyesight back to 100%! 

4. Get a little UFO plate and wait for your glasses to be ready! 

If you're lucky and there's no queue, they will usually be done within an hour. 

5. Collect your awesome pair of eyesights! 0_0 

but before that!!! 
you'd get to choose 1 out of 3 different types of casings for your new spectacles!

O.W.L is definitely the most fashion friendly spectacle store I've seen so far!
Look at all those choices!! 

I was so indecisive I actually begged my way to get all 3 designs. 

but hey! Can't blame me, they're so unique! 

Before you leave with your glasses, make sure you try them on and check if they feel good!


you're now a step closer to being the most fashionable specky nerd ever!


I can't get enough of my glasses! 

Thankyou O.W.L for choosing me as one of your bloggers!


Carinn Tan said...

Hi babe! Dropping by to say hi. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, you write so well! :)

Happy walker said...

First time visits here, I wish you to have a happy day~ =D

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Lee Sydney said...

so lucky to have the concept explained by the co-owner himself! it's definitely a win that the salespersons there dont follow customers around

ps your jacket though!!

Lee Sydney said...

so lucky to have the concept explained by the co-owner himself! it's definitely a win that the salespersons there dont follow customers around

ps your jacket though!!

Emily Shane said...

What nice images are there in

Siddharth Opticals said...

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