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Avenue K Food Adventure

Its the JOLLY CHRISTMAS month again!!!

Celebrations are... all about food.

lets face it.
Malaysians celebrate with food no matter what the occasion is.... or isnt.

so if you're planning for some awesome pre-christmas or holiday eatings,
I have just the location for you!


is a pretty fresh and upcoming mall thats definitely all prepped up for Christmas!
They've got a whole variety of shops for christmas shopping,
loads and loads of events lined up for the entire month 
and most importantly
an amazing array of restaurants, cafes and bars thats all ready to delight your tastebuds!

So scroll on down to find out what are the yummy details I've got for you from my
#akfoodadventure food hunting trip!

Definitely somewhere you should head to for a full on Christmas fun and vibes! 

I didnt get to try out the games and attractions yet but they sure do sound exciting!! 

Miss Joy Victor's Performance is sure to mesmerize you :) 

& also acrobatic dances by Miss Jane Victor.

The beautiful elf dancers are also friendly for photographs!
So be sure to catch them for a selfie or two!

Surprised to see one of the elves are a dear friend of mine :)
Isn't she just gorgeous??

So who's ready for a crazy Food Adventure??

Each of us are given a "passport" to explore participating outlets for food testing
& we are each required to obtain 10 checkpoint stamps (one per outlet)

So here's my 10 spots.

(unfortunately I was only able to test out a limited amount of places
because I was only able to join after work...Sigh) 

Wondermama X

G-8C, Ground Floor Avenue K

(+60)3 2161 2589

Absolutely loving the creative vintage windows design for the kitchen area! 

Chu Hi with Yakult.
A type of Shochu alcoholic beverage from Japan 
Comes in several fruity flavors too!
The ones above are Grapefruit & Apricot

Yummy grilled prawns.
Definitely a place to consider going to for a late night catch up and supper snacks :)

Level 3 - 4B

I spotted this Japanese Restaurant a long time ago when I came here for DEFINE
the interior was so attractive I was curious how the food would taste.
Lucky me I get to try it this time :) 

Menu looks perfectly matchy with the design :)
Very fisherman-japanese looking 

I love the little dots of light in the interior.
Almost feels like we're dining in a galaxy of stars tbh! 

Pretty waitresses dressed in Yukata/Kimono's 

The noodles comes in a pretty huge portion for a girl.
Probably perfect for guys with big appetites.
Perfect balance between texture and softness in the noodles.
& not to mention, perfectly done japanese soy sauce half boiled eggs! 
Just look at the bright juicy yolk thats about to spill over... 

5 types of specialty dipping sauces for the noodles.

from the top left to right bottom.

(slight descriptions according to my taste test)  

Japanese Curry :  Fragrant Japanese Curry + Herbal Mix
Tomato & Cheese : Little hint of sour from tomatoes, spicy & lightly salted with cheesy goodness 
Sesame : Fragrant Roasted Sesame + Moderately Salted 
Soy Sauce : Salty + Japanese Soy Sauce 
Miso : Unique Japanese Miso Mix (Salty Fermented Soy Paste)

I had extra points given to this place also because they also serve pretty strong alcohol beverages.
on the left is Sake + Lemon and on the right would be Sake + Oolong Tea

Concourse Level, Unit C-6 

Sushi Box is a cute and simple shop where you could get a quick bite 
especially if you're craving for some good and instant Japanese food.

It runs by a simple self service counter where you can pick up your preferred set of sushi's 

& then all you gotta do is proceed to the counter to check out and bring them home 
or eat them at the available seating areas in the shop itself!

definitely somewhere I'd go to if I was starving and impatient :p 

Oh I got myself a set of half fire grilled salmon sushi.
Wow, just look at that balance between the crispy roasted top, medium cooked and the raw zones of that salmon! What a perfect balance for a quick bite, thats some serious quality for sure. 

Concourse Level, Lot C-16A

They also have loads of discount promos going on so don't miss out,
subscribe and get a free homemade ice cream on the spot!

I ordered the Pad Thai.
Absolutely loved it.
The noodles had the perfect chewy yet smooth texture
and it wasnt too spicy for me. (I can't take too spicy)
I even packed some home for my boyf and he loved it! 

Heres the Chicken Skewer.
Cooked to a perfect tender softness with the irresistible grilled taste.

Oh and my favourite bit,
they serve really good desserts too!
& the best part is they have my beloved Pavlova with Fruits.

My friends decided to take some home and wow, just look at the generous packaging,
I love the design and the durability of the boxes. 
Makes takeaways feel just as great as dining in! 

yes yes, just place your orders via

I'm definitely getting this for lunch at my office one day! 

Concourse Level, SAC- UC-1

Anyone who knows me would know that one of my biggest food weakness is Asam Laksa.

& not to mention my cravings for it.

Living in KL, Its really difficult to find real good Asam Laksa
so when I first found Ah Cheng Laksa,
I just had to try it. 

They've got a few branches around the Klang Valley
But this one here in Avenue K stood out amongst the rest because they have super friendly and kind staffs!!
I came here before their closing time and they were still happily serving us with proper greeting and such warm smiles.

Delicious Asam Laksa, I'd choose this everytime!
But if you're not a fan of this, they also serve really good Pan Mee & Curry Noodles!

They come in a perfect portion and the set comes with a nice Soy Bean or Herbal Drink
I got myself the Junior sized one and its the perfect craving buster without busting my diet.

Concourse Level, C-13

Coffee, is like batteries to me.
So when I got to get a cup of coffee,
I got my hopes high up

and I was more than satisfied.

With the blooming amount of coffeeshops opening in Malaysia,
Its becoming common to get mediocre coffee

so getting a cup of good strong latte is just... wow. :') 

I was so attracted to this wall.
Felt really classical and artsy as well.
it was too crowded in the cafe for me to get a nice shot at it, so here it is by itself.

Really friendly and helpful baristas :) 

He stood on a stool to help me get these pictures due to my 50MM lens limitations.

THANKYOU!! :) for the great cup of coffee and also the photos.
Great service is what brings life to everything.

Mezzanine Level, M-20 , SAC-M-1

When I heard the name of this shop,
I was instantly brought back to my memories in Japan.

I loved the desserts I had there so I was so excited to check out if they had it here!

I love the interior of the cafe.
They made it look like a little whimsical classic shop

Almost like the ones in Harry Potter? 

Vintage cameras and books inside,
it almost feels like its a old library somehow!

I chose this delicious Yam Cake.

I was going on and on about how cute it looked 
and that it reminds me of a little mop monster.

I was really excited to know how the texture felt like, especially the long winding cream.
How do they even do that!?

& for drinks, we were given a choice of delicious LAMBDA fruit juices.

Its so concentrated and fresh I almost went inside a fruit in my head when I drank it.
(okay... a little exaggerated) 

Talking bout fruits! 

Level 2 - L2 (nearby Delifrance) 

this brings us to my next stop,

for a health and fitness freak as myself,
I was so happy to know that theres now a little pitstop shop catering fresh and delicious juices!

This health bar is exactly what it says!

I love the really bright and energetic design of this shop.
It even reminds me of the design of my final project for my Uni! 

This is my order, the berry slim protein shake.

yep u saw it right,
protein shakes blended with fruits.

the menus for the drinks.

Not sure if its just me but I am particularly excited about the protein shakes.

Level 2, 17-B 

Delifrance has been serving delicious bread & sandwiches for quite some time.
I still remember this as one of my very fav garlic toast shop when I was younger.

But now it has a much more extended menu as a cafe and also a restaurant.
Delifrance now serves from desserts, cookies, sandwiches, 
pasta, pie , soups, salads, bread bowls, and lasagnes

Super adorable gingerbread cookies available for customisation too! 

hot delicious black coffee is the one to go for if you're not feeling the milky vibe. 

Tuna baguette, fruit tart, macaron, super moist choc cake, and red velvet cake.
my favourite is the chocolate cake though, 
brought this home and le boyf was fighting for that tiny piece with me. 

& if you're a fan of bread and loafs you can also head to

Concourse Level , C9 

Super friendly and helpful counter lady :) 

Hahaha I had to take pics with these weird looking Mickey & Minnie dupes.
That smile HAHAHAHA 

Anyways, Im sure kids would be surprised and excited by the appearance of these mascots while you're shopping. 

Really nice manager guy came and brought us fresh juice! 
I got myself a bottle of Pomegranate 

I dont knw bout u but I just love organic grain bread.
I can't go on with my day without one for breakfast. 

So here I was at my balcony enjoying a cashew nut scone from the bakery for my breakfast.

Wow. I feel filled with food already after reviewing all these food.
So if you're feeling hungry after seeing the photos.

Head on to Avenue K tomorrow for Christmas Eve North Pole themed Carnival at Level 4 Rooftop
I'll be there myself enjoying some good old arcade games :)

So see you there at 5PM to 12.30AM!

Maybe we'll get to catch some fireworks at KLCC too!

Oh if you miss it, they'll also be on right til 31st December!

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