Tuesday, 2 December 2014

OKONOMI @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

The weather has been perfect lately!
Yes the constant raining is a little upsetting, puddles everywhere
but HEY! sweater weather is always gold to a Malaysian chick if u ask me!

I finally got the chance to pull out my long kept away sweater, 
and the best part of it, I actually got the perfect pair of shoes to match it with.

Ah I just love comfy coordinates. Just look at my happy face!

& today, I was in the mood to try out something new.

Let me present to you, the freshly opened Japanese sushi restaurant.

in japanese it means "what you like" 

so basically, this is a sushi restaurant that allows you to customise your very own sushi roll.

yes, I am excited already!!!  aren't you?? 

Here's how it works.
Choose one of the Small, Medium or Large formats.

Step 1:
then move on to choose the type of rice,
type of roll : Maki or Urumaki
and either one wrap choices. 

Step 2:
choose the fillings.
yes, you can literally put in all meat omg.
the premium fillings are an extra RM5 though.

Step 3:

Select one type of sauce or dressing,
select a topping 

and then wait patiently for your work of art to be processed.

oh and don't miss out on the delicious choice of green teas
and a whole lot of other delicious beverages.

go find out! 

Left : Hot Green Tea Latte
Right : Green Tea Latte Float (Green Tea Icecream) 

And OOHHH MY GOODNESS the green tea ice cream was heavenly.

Thick and creamy milky texture that set out to make its impression strong.
It was love at first lick.


It didnt stop there though,
My maki roll arrived and I instantly fell in love.

Brown Rice Maki with Soy Wrap.
Salmon + Seasoned Scallop + Strawberries + Alfafa
Topped off with Mentai Mayo + Tobiko

JUST LOOK AT IT. What a beauty
not to mention the ingredients are good healthy stuff too! 

& heres my boy's masculine looking creation

Brown Rice Maki + Seaweed Wrap
Katsu Chicken + Jellyfish + Salmon + Crab Sticks + Boiled Egg
Sweet Chilli Sauce & Tongarashi (7 Spice Chili Powder)

Totally enjoyed the unique tastes.
Didn't even spend much time taking a pic of me eating it. 

Topped off our meal with a soft shell crab sesame sauce spaghetti. 

Looks good doesn't it??
Well tastes even better.

I'd say go for the sushi rolls. they're amazing. 

*this blog post is not sponsored in any way. 

Do comment and let me know if you tried and liked it!

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