Wednesday, 28 January 2015

#SHAPPYTATS Flash Tattoo Jewellery

What's up fashionistas!!!

Its been hectic trying to catch up with life since 2015!
So sorry for the hiatus!

Finally, here is the post I've been going crazy trying to prepare for the past month and half!

When I first saw these, it was a year or two ago when they started selling in the US or Australia.
They were crazy gorgeous but definitely not within a Malaysian currency worth.

I was then hoping so hard that they would be available here one day.
My prayers, have now been answered.

Jewels are a girl's best friend.
They're like hair to a head,
Shoes to our feet
They complete us.

But why do I never wear much jewellery ever?
Because I just cant stand them falling here and there whenever I move
Especially when I am such a hyperactive person.

Now fret not!
Our greatest solution is finally here.
Jump in joy!
Cry happy tears because

I, you, we can now wear jewelleries without having to worry about them getting in our way, hurting our ears, and what is greater than jewellery that can go anywhere on your skin as creative as you can get?

Beautiful, Original, Affordable and Comfortable.

I would literally get a lifetime supply of these and be a happy contented shiny girl.

Here's my lookbook with my 6 sets of #shappytats.

The first idea of having these non-dangly and non-fussy accessories was that 
I could have them on even at the beach. 
I dont have to worry about losing them or corroding it permanently...well. cos it DOESNT! 

Do be warned though, long exposures under the sun especially if you're getting a tan,
the tattoos might block some sun exposure so you may have the design permanently contrasted on your skin....which is actually pretty cool if you ask me! 

I love how the flash tattoo contrasts with my real tattoos.
They seem to be in perfect harmony!

And I even brought it to the pool afterwards
Did I mention that they're waterproof??
** dont rub them though!

They're literally going to make you stand out in every possible occasion.

Seriously, I've lost count of the many times I've been asked "what's that shimmery thing on you??"

and when I answer tattoo, people go like "WHAT? THEY HAVE GOLD TATTOOS NOW?"

when I say its jewellery, they'll be even more curious to touch. and I swear the looks of amazements are very satisfying.

I brought these babies to the gym for a hardcore sweat and movement test.

& no surprise! they survived perfectly and even way past the day! 

Who said girls who lift can't wear jewellery and look pretty in the gym now huh?? ;) 

So how long does the tattoos last?
after testing out the tattoos for over a month on various daily activities and placements
this is what I found out

the lasting power of the tattoos are very dependant on your the movement, exposure to friction and also the duration of water contact it is faced with.

1. Places like fingers, the tattoos comes off in about 3 days time because we wash our hands a lot and we usually hold things and friction will cause the designs to come off much quicker

2. Placements on the face also lasts for about 3 days to 4 depending on your skin condition.
Personally, my face gets oily most of the time during later of the days, 
so the tattoos lifespans shortens when in contact with greasy skin surfaces. *eew 

3. most parts of the body, example the wrists, arms, legs, waist areas would last really long.
I'm talking bout a week to even 2 weeks plus.
This is mostly because these bodyparts rarely gets in contact with water much besides during shower, and it stays dry throughout the day unless you've been sweating like waterfall.

4. Last but not least, the tattoos are definitely up to the challenge for more than 24 hours of lasting power. even at the beach where sea water corrodes, as long as it isnt soaked, they'll survive.

On Christmas, I decided that I shall experiment putting the tattoos on my face as a part of my makeup.

& It was perfect.

They even work well with small areas like the fingers!!

I love them as a replacement for rings as I never really did like the idea of hard jewellery on my hands, it obstructs my movements and I just never fail to injure myself when I have jewelleries on!

Weightless and gorgeous, I just couldn't ask for more! 

Who said shimmers are only for the christmas tree?? 

Awesome part about these tattoos are that they can literally be placed anywhere on the skin!
unlike jewelleries that would never stay in place sometimes,
these offer so much flexibility for creative minds! 

:) Shine bright like a diamond! 

One hidden gem on the ankle! It even matches my heels! 

and last but not least, these babies are perfect for any occasion. like seriously seriously. 

from glitz and glam, to fun in the sun, and all the way to the neon lights of the party scene.

& here's my sparkling diamond staying on perfectly even when I've been dancing
 throughout the night

heres a simple tutorial/demo video showing how easy it is to put on these Flash Tattoos.

get your pretty shimmers here! 

I'll be continuously doing more #ootd's and snapshots of how to wear these tattoos on

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