Thursday, 26 March 2015

Popcorn Studio Presents "Laugh Die You!" ft Kumar, Douglas Lim, Rizal Van Geyzel & Phua Chu Kang

How do you suppose you're going to "laugh die me?"

just like this. 

You cant call yourself a Malaysian/Singaporean if you have no idea who these guys are.
Like fo real! 

I'd always wanted to experience their hilarious shows live, 
individually would suffice, but all 4 at once?
Thanks for bringing them here Popcorn Studio!
ahhhh, I just can't imagine.
Probably laugh til I get my six packs?

This, is going to be one craaazy show definitely. 

from now 'til the 31st of March! 


check out the discounts
are as below. 

Here's the show's official introduction by the masters themselves.

SO WHO'S THE KING? Malaysia or Singapore
cast your votes! 

but only after the show please. 

for those who are curious, or need a reminder of their most epic shows online?
here you are, I've compiled one favourite from each comedian :) 

This would be a BLACK TIE EVENT

Whats that?

Basically it means to dress semi formally.
Not too casual
Not too formal.

erm, not clear enough? 

Check these guys out then. 

Spot them? 

So what are you waiting for??

I'll be attending the show on Thursday 14th May

They're available on two days for your convenience
so no excuses. :) 

unless you're under 18, 

So come join me and lets have the laugh of the year!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

10 ways to prepare for Viper Challenge

Finally, after listening and watching all the hype about Viper Challenge since 2014,
I finally managed to get myself tickets to Asia's Biggest Obstacle Event.

*squeals in excitement

tickets has been selling out too quickly in the previous events.
to what extreme?
I missed the ticket purchase for November 2014.
it was sold out in like..1 day? 2?

so this time I was crazily all ready, wait, BUY!
got my entire team to pass me all the money before hand and sat at the computer with my credit card.
name, particulars and fingers all laid out perfectly.

Counting down...

& the first challenge kicks in,
getting the tickets :D 

So I kind of saw it all coming.
I knew from prior stories that its gonna be tougher than tough.

after experiencing Reebok,
I sort of already had a lump in my throat about the experience.

but heck I was so so looking forward to it.

Here's the 10 ways to prepare for Viper Challenge

Fast forward to months later of on and off intensive, non intensive,
lost, confused, nervous and going psycho training,

I still wasnt ready.
heck I don't even know how I'd be ready.

#1 Training

No doubt, the most important aspect of going for a challenge is, well,
of course,
being ready for the challenge.

Well no one said someone who never ever goes for training can't finish the obstacles,
any normal person can run 20KM's, climb, fall and swim right? 
but even those who trains hard finds it difficult, so go figure. :) 

well then, how do I reckon we get ready??

Here's the few pointers to get you started.


# Stamina
Go for HIIT workouts and aim for quick recovery

# Running 
Try going for endurance, train outdoors at parks instead of just on treadmills

# Arm strength 
Monkey bars, and climbing over walls,
be able to lift your own bodyweight. 

# Jumping 
Forward and upwards, go higher & learn landing without hurting your feet

# Swimming
Water obstacles are the worst because they're muddy and murky. 
If u can't swim, learn to doggy paddle. and to not drink or inhale water when u jump into a pool.

Where to train?

equipments can really help.

#The Park
Jogging and getting used to the weather outside

for all the bodyweight HIIT exercises 

#Forest / Park offroad trails. 
for getting used to the uneven muddy paths.

here we are, at Sepang F1, on a Saturday morning, since 5am. 

I'd got to say though.

#2 : Registration.

Viper has got one of the best ticket redemption/ registration counters management EVER.

it was 15 booths, they were fast, professional and really nice.

Just make sure you bring your tickets, ID and keep them well afterwards!
It's a good idea to go early to register and then put the ID back into the car afterwards.

PS: Make sure your registered name is the same as your IC cos they deny entry otherwise 

 #3  Its also about the company.

isn't that mostly always true in any situation?

IMO, in events like Viper,

the kind of team u need shouldn't just be your best friends, 
but the friends whom are aiming for the same experience goal.

Don't get me wrong,
I meant to say,
different people have different intentions and aims for going to these challenges

/ to enjoy the experience and take it easy,
/ to strategize game plan and take on the challenges full on,
/ to finish the course in speed and agility.

so get mates who are on the same route so you'd all enjoy helping each other towards a common goal!

#4 : PLEASE PLEASE get rest.

Events like these start so so early, and most of us just aren't programmed to fall asleep at earlier hours in the night.

but just sleep.
try to sleep.

you're gonna need all the energy you can gather.
its only gonna do you good.

unless you're superman, then for all means, do whatever you like! :D 

#5  Breakfast!!!

EAT A LOT. of good stuff.
prior to leaving your home if possible.

give your body the power its going to need to bring you towards 
and amazing and enjoyable experience. 

take the time from driving and registering for your breakfast to settle down and digest.

and by the time the challenge kicks off, you'd be all fueled up and happy
but not close to getting an appendix emergency.

#6 Bring the camera!

Get a teammate to bring it, or bring one yourself.
 The crew photographers does their jobs but you'd hardly get very personal photographs of yourself. 
I learnt this from my awesome babe here that using a waterproof sling bag is a pretty awesome way to keep your small belongings and your phone/camera.
Another cheap and genius way is to put them in resealable plastic bags and then into a bag that can be cuffed tightly onto your body. 

the idea is lightweight, easy to carry and prevents dirt / water from destroying your electronics.
not to mention, if you're good enough you can even use your devices while its in the pouch itself.

super handy and really, you're gonna want those memories. 

 #7 Wear clothes you don't mind disposing afterwards.

Okay, I think one of the major elements of these challenges are always MUD. 

there's so much mud that it literally goes through ALL your clothes.
all the way in.

Also, the terrains and surfaces on wooden challenge obstacles are rough. 
They scrape and tear your clothes.

If you're gonna feel the pain of tearing and scuffing your Nike, Adidas, Under Armour...etc
Really, don't wear them to such events, it's no fashion show.

#8 Aim for protection and practicality. 

When I say protection, I mean from
the sun,
rough surfaces 
and obstacles.

You're going to use almost every part of your body in this,
so wear knee protection, if you tend to use your knee a lot when u climb,
wear something thick over your elbows cos you'd crawl here and there. 
 and wear shoes that will give your legs good support for trail running, 
most importantly just avoid short and revealing outfits because this really isn't a beauty competition.

your cute sneakers and stuff are going to lose grip and cause you a tough time getting through the 20KMs.

** & skip the makeup regime, put on some sunscreen instead.

Dramatic panting*

#9 Quick & Kind

One of the best parts in these obstacles are also that there will be a crowd.
You'll be seeing one of the nicest part of everyone.
Its only common in here that we seem to all be in survivor mode.
Everyone is helping everyone.
psst, especially if you're a girl.

Its also important to be considerate to others waiting at the obstacles,
so don't spend your sweet time standing halfway and hesitating. 
Like Nike says, just do it. 

#10 Bask in the glory & Pain.

hahaha like seriously
the medal gives you the ultimate right to story all your friends for the next whole month. 
(until you get slapped)
and the bruises & scuffs are like your victory stamps... though they're going to hurt. 


Use a hardboiled egg to roll over the deep bruises, it'll help with the fading & recovery.

Aloe Vera will soothe the sun burns.

Pamper yourself for the hardwork. 
& Don't forget to work on improving your skills!

Hope to see you at the next obstacle challenge!