Thursday, 26 March 2015

Popcorn Studio Presents "Laugh Die You!" ft Kumar, Douglas Lim, Rizal Van Geyzel & Phua Chu Kang

How do you suppose you're going to "laugh die me?"

just like this. 

You cant call yourself a Malaysian/Singaporean if you have no idea who these guys are.
Like fo real! 

I'd always wanted to experience their hilarious shows live, 
individually would suffice, but all 4 at once?
Thanks for bringing them here Popcorn Studio!
ahhhh, I just can't imagine.
Probably laugh til I get my six packs?

This, is going to be one craaazy show definitely. 

from now 'til the 31st of March! 


check out the discounts
are as below. 

Here's the show's official introduction by the masters themselves.

SO WHO'S THE KING? Malaysia or Singapore
cast your votes! 

but only after the show please. 

for those who are curious, or need a reminder of their most epic shows online?
here you are, I've compiled one favourite from each comedian :) 

This would be a BLACK TIE EVENT

Whats that?

Basically it means to dress semi formally.
Not too casual
Not too formal.

erm, not clear enough? 

Check these guys out then. 

Spot them? 

So what are you waiting for??

I'll be attending the show on Thursday 14th May

They're available on two days for your convenience
so no excuses. :) 

unless you're under 18, 

So come join me and lets have the laugh of the year!

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