Tuesday, 15 September 2015

On Redang Shores.

Talk bout starting a post with the most unglamorous shot of myself.

What beauty?
I have none.

I have this addiction to sand and saltwater.
Everytime I was given a choice to choose a vacation spot
It'll always come to me shouting "ISLAND PLEASE!"

psst. Part of the reason why I work so hard on getting a beach ready bod.
(yet still failing)
I have to always be bikini ready!
I live in a summer country.
what luck!

First time on Malindo Airlines.
Whoa mini planes be creepy as F.!

No photos at Subang Airport.
The place is like uber MEH.

It was a really long journey, for a very short flight.

We got picked up by a van when we reached the airport,
and off to the jetty.

It was horrible that the flight got delayed cos we justttt missed the ferry.
thats not the worst part.
The worst part was we had to wait at the jetty for 1.5 hours for the next one!

Oh wow. great. 
Starved, tired and too ugly for pictures
It couldnt get worse...

but it's okay, I told myself. 
its okay, we'll be on the island soon.
cross my fingers it better be worth it! 

Balancing act.
yes we were bored to the extent of willing to put our friend's life in danger
just for a little humor.

HAHAHAHA no, sorry Ben, we love u.

The ferry was exceptionally cold inside. 
It was like a hibernation zone.
boyfriend passed out immediately.
& I, couldn't sleep.

Upper deck here we go!!!
Sunburn here I come!!!

It was scorching hot.
But the waters were crystal clear,
I even saw fishes jumping out as we passed by.

Hello Chris, Hello Ben.

I was actually trying to take a selfie,
but heck it felt so awkward with the guys around.
So coverline, just take one together.

I ended up looking crappy.
wtv. pft.


google maps.

It was epic that 3 phone were whipped out, 
one on C, one on D, and me on M.

C was in minecraft grids. 
D was still at the airport. 
and Here I am!! WIN.

So we're not there yet. 

was chilling on the deck when we saw this bag.

& I just randomly came up with a pickup line

"Guys guys, look, you could go up to a girl and be like..."

"Girl you fine as corn meal~~~" 

Just when we thought we were there.
Ferry no.2 

*grab our bags and clumsily tumble on board.

I didnt dare to go onto the bridge.
pfft. :( 

Sea bubbles! 

Pano Island!

Talk about stairway to heaven! 
I wanted to hop down, but my luggage would make me sink. 

I didnt like the landing. seriously.
next time, bring a backpack. 

The human trafficking ferry.
hahaha just kidding.

does look like it. 

Wooden bridge to our resort.

look at my happy face.
I had no idea how many times I'd be walking on this long-ass winding uneven wooden bridge.

Lunch is served!

Check in time was 2pm so we had lunch first.
Our resort wasn't all that 5 star or whatever.
but it had 4 buffet meals a day,
freeflow ice cold water & bread 24/7 
and every meal comes with at least 4 dishes and a soup.

I was thankful beyond words.
The food was great too.

Most of all, who needs a 5 star room when you came for this?!! 

Sand as fine as powder.
It was unbelievable. 

Drinks & bonding games at the resort.
all we had to do was buy some ice and coke. :)

I love the service here. 
Theres even music and lights, well up to 10 or 11PM at least.

Headed down to the beach to chill with more beer & live music.

Apparently they have beach parties on weekends...
*hoping hard

Sand in my drink bottle.

Mind me, its just my idea of priceless memories.
I wanna go to many many beaches.
I wana has many many sand bottles.



Noobest jump ever.
I need more bravery. +1 pls

I was so nervous about going in without my life jacket.
Everyone else made it look so fun
I had to try

and wow, who am I kidding,
its a whole new kind of swimming without the tugging of that life jacket,
well also a different kind of difficulty not having something to rest the weight on.

Sea water is mainly much easier to float in compared to swimming pools
so if you can swim normally, this should be easy peasy.


I was thrilled with the swim, and
my face was marked with my snorkels. 
now thats, beauty. hahahah 

A sexier rendition of snorkel prints by Ben. 

Gorgeous blue sea we swam in

Japanese fugitive on the run from turtles. mind him. 

What really fascinated me most was the cleanliness of the waters here.
I expected murkiness because theres just so much tourists around
but no.
the waters were clear and fishes swim nearly all the way even up to the shores.

Snorkelling is really really fun around here.
I haven't learnt how to short dive with my snorkels on yet so Im stuck at the surface of the water.

Learnt alot about myself too
The fact that Im actually quite freaked out by fishes.
and that I do not like corals.

I also do not dare to touch starfishes,
or sea cucumbers.

floating with lifejacket on is really fun though.
I wish I could just lay there and chill.

But dont do that please.
waves would push u miles away in a few moments.



Back at the cafeteria for tea.
Let me introduce you the "hot - toast - boys" . 

Kaya toast? 

Barbeque lamb for dinner tonight!!! they have barbeques every alternate days. 

Chillin and soaking up the vacay.
I've never been to a fitter holiday than this. <3
Thanks guys. for bringing me along.
Thankyou boyfie. 

& here comes the star.
The fearless squirrel.

Like a boss

Fed him some bread. 
this guy probably has a huge stash judging from the amount that people feeds him.

Heading off to the beach again at late noon for some fun before the sun sets.

Volleyball with a football? WHY NOT!
our arms are for destroying. (sarcasm)
Right Ben?? 

No you're doing it wrong, we're supposed to use our arms.


One shot of the beach, before it gets overcrowded.

Jumpshots! obligatory.

1st try. Done.

howcome I cant get a good jump shot like even after 100000 tries.? 

Figure 8?
Nah, more like figure me out. 

Fail, but better than nothing.
I was exhausted. 

Double decker planks! :D YEH! 

Wait wait, Im strong too! :D 


Triple decker.
Pretty awkward though. 


Self timered my DSLR for a group photo.

Cant physically hear the timer.
So we were sorta mentally counting down when to jump.

Woah. seriously. So much talent.

Like what.
What happened? 

I thought I jumped late. Turns out I already landed.

Oh gad I look horrid. 

Camera was misplaced for this one. But Hey! Cant see my awful expression here. 

Waves! oh those waves are like mesmerizing. 

SLR selfie attempt.

Too much wind, Too heavy.


Back with my phone for some selfies in the sea.

Much better.

I know, theres like so many people around, why not ask them to take one for us?


Wanted a kissing photo at the beach,
The sun sets at the other side, what a bummer.
So here, a selfie one. Thats all I can settle for.

Turned out pretty awesome anyways.
cos we are.

Nightfall was beautiful. 
Being away from the city really excites me.
or maybe, just being near salty water and sandy grounds. 

While the company was having fun downing alcohol.
I found myself wandering instead.
Looked up into the sky to find it covered in stars.

Funny though, no one appreciated it as much as I did.
I wanted to be there for the rest of my life,
just looking up to the shimmery darkness.

and in reality, this was going on. 


What he comes up with when I asked him to be "effortless?" 

Water. waaaaterrrrr
clear splashy splashy.


Last dinner before leaving tomorrow.

Have I mentioned that they really really serve good filling food??

Bla bla bla.
I wanna go explore the beach please.

Some talented dude made this, in the dark.
Or maybe he started before sunset. 

Then we decided we could make our own.
im a sculptor. 


& then its bye Redang.

The boat ride is helluva tiring.